How to start a service

How to start a service

The process for becoming a Service is more work intensive then the process of becoming a club, as Services are expected to provide resources, services, and advocacy to the entire student population as opposed to just their members. For this reason, potential Services are required to demonstrate their financial and institutional sustainability and their benefit to students on a long term basis prior to being granted Service status.

Because these clubs need to demonstrate their viability over the long-term, groups that are interested in becoming Services of the SSMU are required to first be a Full-Status Club.

In order for a group to be considered for becoming a SSMU Service, the first step would be to get in touch with the Vice-President (Student Life) to provide a proposal for why your group should be considered for SSMU Service status. This proposal should include information about the programming and operations of your group, the long-term sustainability of your group, and why SSMU Service Status is the next step for your group. Focus should be placed on an explanation of how the group benefits all undergraduate students.

At the approval of the Vice-President (Student Life), your proposal for Service status will be brought to the Services Review Committee for consideration.

If the Services Review Committee so chooses, they may make a recommendation to SSMU’s Legislative Council to grant a group Service Status.

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