Sustainability is made up of the three pillars: environmental, social, and economic sustainability. Therefore SSMU recognizes that sustainability is not only about environmental issues; among other things, it is also about equity and SSMU has an active Equity Committee.

About Sustainability at SSMU

The SSMU has on staff the Sustainability Commissioner who sits on the SSMU Environment Committee and Funding Committee. The SSMU Environment Committee (SSMU EnviroComm) is made up of volunteers who work on a wide variety of projects from sustainable event planning, outreach, waste management etc.

The Sustainability Commissioner can provide support to campus sustainability efforts in a number of ways including: taking up the concerns of students, promoting the Green Fund, coalition-building between student environmental groups and helping promote their work to the campus community; and proactively creating new spaces and opportunities for sustainability activism to flourish within and outside of SSMU.

The Environment Committee collaborates with many environmental groups on campus including, but not limited to: The ECOLE Project, Make it Yours, The Flat, Organic Campus, the McGill Office of Sustainability (MOOS)McGill Environment Students’ Society, McGill Farmers Market, Environmental Residence Council, Campus Crops, The Plate Club and many more.

If you have questions, concerns or you want to get involved, please email the Sustainability Commissioner.