You have FREE Access to myWellness!

You have FREE Access to myWellness!

myWellness by Compass connects you to resources based on your unique needs, wants, and identities. It is a platform you can use personally when looking for support, or when you’re supporting friends who are navigating support. It was really created to simplify the process of finding the optimal support, at the right time 🙂

myWellness by Compass is holistically built in co-creation with students and continues to be designed by students, for students. In fact, it was a platform that the SSMU Mental Health Commission brought forward to the university as just an idea a few years ago and it has since become an official initiative between The Wellness Hub and student groups like SSMU!

“I’m thrilled to have been a part of this project on campus and I’m looking forward to seeing how accessing it can help students navigate their mental health and wellness,” comments SSMU Mental Health Commissioner Maya Willard-Stepan, “As we move towards a more holistic idea of health on campus, tools like myWellness are instrumental in getting a clear view of everything available.”

All you need to log into myWellness are your McGill credentials – you can log in here! To learn more about the platform, check out the FAQs here, and for any questions or feedback (always appreciated and truly taken to heart), feel free to write to Maya at ​​

In celebration of the launch of the platform, the Wellness Hub, Compass, and SSMU are hosting a Mental Health Social and Launch Party to celebrate the successful launch of the platform on January 27th in the University Center Ballroom with free drinks and appetizers from 5-7. All are welcome.

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You have FREE Access to myWellness!
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