Fine Art, Dance, and Performance Clubs

Fine Art, Dance, and Performance Clubs

Fine Art, Dance, and Performance Clubs

Learn to draw, show off your vocals, or steal the show with your dance moves!


Are you interested in learning some new dance moves for a very good price? Do you like to dance to let off steam, meet cool people and generally have a good time? Are you interested in Latin American culture, especially dance? If so, our club is the place for you! Join us for weekly lessons, Latin socials and outings to salsa clubs around Montreal. And don’t miss out on our semi-formal ! Everyone is welcome!

Learn more about the mandate and structure of Salseros in their club constitution.

Seeing Voices Montreal – SSMU

Seeing Voices Montreal’s mission is to provide educational and collaborative opportunities to build connections between D/deaf* and hearing people.​ Our vision is a D/deaf* aware and accessible community with opportunities for D/deaf* talent. We are a diverse group of volunteers ranging from native ASL users, native LSQ (Langue des signes québécoise) users, ASL students and other hard-working individuals from the Montréal D/deaf* community.

*Deaf, hard-of-hearing, orally Deaf, and deafened

Learn more about the mandate and structure of Seeing Voices Montreal – SSMU in their club constitution.

Soulstice a Cappella

Soulstice a Cappella is McGill University’s finest a cappella ensemble, comprised of vibrant, eclectic and talented students. Because we arrange all of our own music, we have the ability to perform songs from a wide variety of genres and put our “Soulstice touch” into every selection we sing.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of Soulstice a Cappella in their club constitution.

SSMU Symphonic Band Club

The Symphonic Band Club is a 60-piece wind ensemble made up of students who have a passion for making music! Rehearsals are held once a week, and no auditions are required to join. The musical repertoire is diverse in style ranging from the band classics of Holst to modern pieces from movie and video game themes, and is generally at a high-school level of difficulty. We put on one concert at the end of every semester. The club also hosts many social outings throughout the year, from movie nights to Nuit Blanche.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of the SSMU Symphonic Band Club in their club constitution.

Swing Kids Association

The McGill Swing Kids (MSK) is a student organized club that works to provide affordable dance lessons to students. Although the majority of our members are students, we welcome dancers of all ages and skill level. Founded in 1999, the club was created by swing dancers who wanted to share their passion by providing a fun, friendly and lively approach to swing dancing. MSK members aim to continue this mission as well as providing a launchpad to the greater swing community in Montreal. So let us teach you all you need to swing like a jitterbug, join us for outings at the most swinging venues in town, and ask us for tips or school recommendations — that’s what we’re here for!

Tashan Dance Company

Tashan Dance Company is McGill’s very first fusion dance team. The team is trained in many diverse dance styles including bollywood, hip hop, dancehall, contemporary, and more! Our goal is to use our passion and dance backgrounds to create emotionally moving and vibrant dance performances with influences from both eastern and western cultures. TDC holds dancer auditions every September, and rehearsals two times a week for performances within McGill and around the Montreal community. Tashan also holds an annual recital in March to showcase its various dance styles and diverse dancers. To learn more please visit our website.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of Tashan Performing Arts in their club constitution.

Tonal Ecstasy A Cappella

Tonal Ecstasy A Cappella, affectionately nicknamed TX, is McGill University’s oldest A Cappella group. As one of the university’s finest vocal groups, they pride themselves on their versatility. This group of amazing, talented, and hardworking students arrange and perform music from all different genres, ranging from jazz, hip hop, R&B, and pop.

They perform at benefit events and fundraisers, private functions, celebrations, weddings, bookstores, and on the streets; just about anywhere people will let them sing!

Learn more about the mandate and structure of Tonal Ecstasy A Cappella in their club constitution.

Urban Groove Dance Project

Urban Groove was formed in 2003 at McGill by a group of people who shared their love and passion for hip-hop dance. Today, UG consists of 30 dancers from many different backgrounds, mastering styles from breaking, contemporary, and jazz all while, fostering a strong sense of artistry, family, and dedication.

UG has come to establish a reputation that has gone beyond McGill and into the wider Montreal community. Apart from our shows, which consist of a year-end show in March, and a winter showcase in December, UG also performs at charity and athletic events, parties, and competitions. Our other activities include hosting dance workshops and classes and participating in charity fundraisers such as the Breast Cancer Foundation Run for the Cure, to name a few.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of Urban Groove Dance Project in their club constitution.