Events During Coronavirus

Events During Coronavirus

Events During Coronavirus


To ensure continued safety, we are not permitting indoor and outdoor meetings/events/gatherings on campus until further notice. A decision to allow events after Montreal is no longer a red zone will be contingent on recommendations made by Quebec’s public health authorities. Off campus events and activities remain prohibited at this time. Of course, all virtual/online events may continue. Please be sure to submit them to the Events Administrator through the Events Declaration Form for approval. Moreover, documentation related to Guest Speakers, Sponsorship and Independent Contract Agreements will continue to be processed at this time.

The Approval Process

While we aim to reduce the number of forms involved in the events approval process, in order to best manage events during COVID-19, we will have a new approval process for events. If you are planning on hosting an event online or on campus, your group must submit an Event Declaration form here.

Each event submission will be carefully triaged by the Events Administrator. If it passes the base level of protocols and requirements, it will be sent to the Events Committee for approval. If your event has been approved, your group will be notified and sent a confirmation email outlining the term and conditions of your space rental, as well as any protocols that must be adhered to. No off-campus venues or events will be reviewed at this time. Please note that all events must be submitted a MINIMUM of (20) business days prior to allow for sufficient processing time.

Our other forms related to events such as Sponsorship, Guest Speakers, and Independent Contract Agreements, will still be required to be completed if deemed necessary for your event, regardless whether it is online or in person. If you have any questions regarding what forms will be required for your event you can contact Rebecca at

Attendance & Tracking Logs

In order to protect our students and community, we will need to institute a method of tracking should someone in one of our spaces test positive for COVID-19. As a result, anyone entering the University Centre must complete the   Coronavirus Self-Screening Form prior to their arrival. Furthermore, all events and meetings happening in person will need to keep an attendance record which includes the individual’s email and phone number for ease of contact. It is the responsibility of the event organizer to submit the Attendance Form a minimum of (2) business days prior to your event. You must record and submit the full name, phone number, and email of each individual in attendance. This will ensure that we will be able to contact and notify all individuals should they have potentially come in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19. To report a positive case, please refer to this form. Failure to submit attendance may result in suspension of booking privileges and/or result in sanctions.

Bookable Space in the University Centre

As a result of the code red alert, and due to regulations and advisories made by Public Health officials, the SSMU has decided to postpone all University Centre bookings at this time. Details will become available to you as we continue to adapt and evolve our protocols in the coming weeks.

Food & Beverages

At this time, food sales are strictly prohibited both on and off campus. However, personal lunches and/or food that is prepackaged will be permitted in rental spaces and common areas. It is your responsibility to dispose of any debris before vacating the area. All SSMU Catering and Alcohol Services will also be temporarily suspended at this time until further notice.