Slide by Design – Powerpoint Workshop

Slide by Design – Powerpoint Workshop

Detail about the event

When: Friday, October 16 from 3-4pm
Where: SSMU B 108

Have you ever experienced “death by Powerpoint?” Are you struggling to create a compelling presentation? To pick a template? A color scheme?

From management case cracks to science exposés, we’ve all had to make a Powerpoint at least once in our lives. We’ve also all sat through one – and know there’s nothing worse than a poorly designed presentation. Even the most eloquent of speakers cannot make up for tacky clipart and Comic Sans.

That’s where the Design Cooperative’s new Slide by Design workshop comes in. The first of its kind, this event incorporates real-life examples of both successful and unsuccessful Powerpoints to help students understand the elements of a compelling presentation. Attendees will gain practical knowledge as well as discover resources and tools to produce Powerpoints they are actually proud of.

The workshop will be taking place this Friday, October 16 from 3-4pm – find all of the details on the Facebook event!


Date and time

October 16th, 2015


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