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Research Participants Wanted – Face Study

Looking for healthy men and women for a study. If you are between 18 and 35, not on birth control (including IUDs), and are fluent in English you may be eligible. Pa...



Seeking 9-17 year old participants for Attention Study

We are interested in improving our knowledge of how individual's attentional and working memory capacities can be assessed in a way that is enjoyable and efficient. ...



Participants needed for a Personality Study!

The Lydon Lab needs participants for a study on personality and cognition! You must be a native English speaker, between 18-30 years old, and have NOT have participa...


$Participants will receive financial compensation for their 3-day participation.

Research PARTICIPANTS Wanted

Aims of the Study: The main objective of this project is to develop new methods to monitor the status of your biological clock in ambulatory operations. The biologi...


$$15 compensation

3-D Multiple Object Tracking Attention Study

The Perceptual Neuroscience Lab at McGill University is studying the differences between individuals’ attentional abilities through the use of a 3-D computerized tas...



MALE participants wanted for experiment on Social Cognition

Dr. J. B. Debruille, associate professor with the Department of Psychiatry of McGill University, is looking for pairs of *MALE* participants for a psychological stud...




The Motor Control Lab is seeking highly motivated and attentive McGill Undergraduate and Graduate students to participate in a study of motor learning using our robo...



Emotion Study

Ever wonder how your brain activity relates to how you're feeling? We are looking for participants for our non-treatment, non-medication research study at McGill ...



Male participants wanted: Neurobiology of Social Behaviour Study

Participants Wanted: Neurobiology of Social Behaviour Study The Bartz Laboratory seeks healthy participants: Ages 18-40 Not taking any psychotropic medications...



3 hour psychology study $60

Looking for healthy men and women for a study. If you are between 18 and 35, not currently taking oral contraceptives and are fluent in English you may be eligible. ...

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