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Language experiment at McGill Linguistics

We are looking for anglophones who were born and raised in Montreal, and who speak Québec French at an intermediate OR advanced level (no bilinguals). The experiment...



Paid research participants wanted

Looking for healthy men and women for a study. If you are between 18 and 35, not currently taking oral contraceptives and are fluent in English you may be eligible. ...



Psychology Experiment – $10 compensation

What: We are studying the effects of music on cognition and perception. Who: We are looking for male participants 18 years or older. The ability to play an instrume...



Listening Experiment Looking for Participants

Do you want to earn $10 in a listening experiment? You should have no hearing problems and not be on any medication that affects wakefulness. The experiment involves...



Volunteers Needed for Brain Wave Studies of Human Attention

Are you interested in learning more about our ability to pay attention? We are looking for volunteer participants between ages of 18 and 40 with normal or corrected-...



Call Participants – Audiomotor Robot study – 1.5hr/20$

The Motor-Control Lab at McGill is doing a new study that involves reaching movements with a robot while hearing sounds. We are looking for participants 18-35 years ...


$$200 travel voucher

Want a chance to win a $200 VIA Rail travel voucher?

Are you satisfied with your university learning experience? What are your plans after graduation? Will you stay in Quebec or leave the province? Let us know you’re o...



HAPI clinical study at Ste-Justine Hospital

We are looking for participants for a clinical study at Ste-Justine Hospital. Vous êtes né prématurément (<29 semaines), entre 18 et 29 ans? Êtes-vous né dans l...



Music Study Looking for Participants

Do you want to earn $15 in a listening experiment? We are looking for musicians AND non-musicians. You should be fluent in English, have no hearing problems and not ...


$$100 USD

Juvenile diabetes interview participants

I'm looking for English speakers with juvenile diabetes to participate in a localization project for Spectrum Translation. Localization involves tailoring a translat...

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