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Fundamentals of Canadian Nursing

Kozier. Fundamentals of Canadian Nursing. (3rd ed.) Practically brand new! There is no writing/highlighting on any of the pages.



Medical-Surgical Nursing in Canada

Barry, Goldsworthy, & Goodridge. Medical-Surgical Nursing in Canada. (3rd ed.) Great condition! There is no writing/highlighting on any of the pages.



Arts and Economics books,CEAP 250, ECON 230,330,313,227 , 302.304 etc

ECON 227 (D1, D2) – Statistics for business and economics Mclave, Benson 12th Edition = $100 ECON 230(D1,D2)- Microeconomics by Jeffrey M Perloff _90 ECON 330(D1, ...



Mathematics for management

Book for the class CMS2 500: mathematics for management. Book by Lau.



MATH 262, 264

Math textbook for MATH 262 & 264, with partial content on Math 263



Microeconomics Textbook (Ragan) 14th ed. pdf

Christopher T.S. Ragan, Richard G. Lipsey - Microeconomics, 14th Canadian Edition



Vander’s Human Physiology PDF 14th ed.

Vander’s Human Physiology Mechanisms of Body Function PDF textbook. 14th edition For either PHGY 209 or PHGY 210 classes



INDR 294

I never used that book, dropped the class.




The book, the notes for the final 2 different versions, the past exams.




Perfect condition, dropped the class

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