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ANTH 204, COMS 210, EDEC 248, ENGL 329, HIST 249, HIST 347, HIST 306, HIST ...

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Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome: The Archeology of the Eternal City by Coulston and Dodge



Mathematical Statistics with Applications

Mathematical Statistics with Applications by Wacklerly, Mendenhall and Scheaffer



From Coveralls to Zoot Suits

From Coveralls to Zoot Suits: The Lives of Mexican American Women on the WW11 Home Front by Elizabeth R. Escobedo



On Education

On Education by Harry Brighouse



Suburban Warrior

Suburban Warriors: The Origins of the New American Right by Lisa McGirr



Cold War Civil Rights

Cold War Civil Rights: Race and the Image of American Democray by Mary L. Dudziak



The Fire Next Time

The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin



Home Front U.S.A: America During WW11

The American History Series Home Front USA by Allan M. Winkler Third Edition



The Empire Within

Tbe Empire Within: Post Colonial Throught and Political Activism in Sixties Montreal By Sean Mills

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