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The Science of Biology, 9th Ed. + Accompanying study guide



CHEAP CHEM 281/381 Textbook

Pearson Inorganic Chemistry 4th Ed. ($40) perfect condition



CHEAP CHEM 223/243 Textbook

McQuarrie Simmon: Physical Chemistry, A Molecular Approach (what the professor uses) + free Applied Mathematics for Physical Chemistry 3rd Ed.



CHEAP CHEM 345/355 Textbook

McQuarrie: Quantum Chemistry, 2nd Ed. + Problems/Solutions Manual (needed for the homework/quizzes).



CHEAP CHEM 365 Textbook

An Introduction to Statistical Thermodynamics. Alot of highlighting.



CHEAP ANTH 201 Textbook

Wold Prehistory and Archaeology, 2nd Ed.



CHEAP ANTH 360 Textbook

The Formation of Chinese Civilization: An Archaeological Perspective



CHEAP ANTH 202 Textbook

Cultural Anthropology by Barabara C. Miller.



CHEAP ANTH 319 Textbook

The Incas--by Terrence N. D'Altroy.



CLAS 203 – Classical Myth

Classical Myth - 7th Edition Book is in near new condition. No markings on any of the maps, no highlighting. One page has a red mark on it, book was unfortunately...

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