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Mathematics for Management

CMS2 500 Mathematics for Management 2nd Edition



MGCR 222

Organizational Behaviour: concept, controversies, applications. Fifth Edition Nancy langton, Stephen P. Robbins, timothy A. Judge



LING 201 Contemporary Linguistic Analysis textbook O’Grady

Textbook for Ling 201. Has highlighting and some erasable margin notes. Also includes the unopened and thus still valid code for the online course materials.



ISLA 325 Introduction to Shi’i Islam Modood

Textbook for Rula Abisaab's Introduction to Shi'ism class, ISLA 325.



MGCR 271 business statistics textbook

The Practice of Statistics for Business and Economics, Third Edition, in very good condition.



Marketing 352

the book is brand new and comes. CD as well as the course pack are included



A History of Modern Europe: Fom the Renaissance to the Present

Author: John Merriman Second Edition



World Politics: Interests, Interactions, Institutions

Authors: Jeffry A. Frieden, David A. Lake and Kenneth A. Schultz



France: The Dark Years 1940-1944

Author: Julian Jackson



Military Strategy and the Origins of the First World War: An International ...

Edited by Steven E. Miller, Sean M. Lynn-Jones, and Stephen Van Evera

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