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MGCR 331: Management Information Systems, a Manager’s Guide to Harnessing Technology, version 1.1 by John Gallaugher, good condition with highlights - $30 MGCR 34...



MECH 261/262 : Introduction to Engineering Experimentation

Mint Condition, second edition. Anthony Wheeler and Ahmad Ganji. $50. Contact 5147960033/arjunj12@gmail.com .



GEOG 205- Global Change: Past, Present and Future

Course Pack . $10. Contact 5147960033/arjunj12@gmail.com .



FACC 300/MIME 310 Financial Calculator

FACC 300/MIME 310 finance calculator. Comes with manual book. Mint condition. $40.


$MATH 262 - Calculus: Several Variables + Student Solutions Manual

Calculus: Several Variables

Calculus: Several Variables - Seventh Edition - Robert A. Adams: 20$ Calculus: Several Variables - Students Solutions Manual: 10$ Can be bought separately. ...



CIVE 281 – Vector Mechanics for Engineers

Vector Mechanics for Engineers - Ninth Edition - Ferdinand P. Beer: 40$ Good condition. No handwriting or highlights.



ANTH 201 Prehistoric Archeology

I bought the book for Prehistoric Archeology with Michael Bisson but then I dropped the class. It's in excellent condition. I paid it arount 90$ and I am selling ...



PSYC100-Psychological Science with study guide

Really good condition! A super useful textbook for the course.



ANAT261- Junqueira’s Basic Histology

really good condition!


$$20 each for a total of 5 books, give out 7 practice tests for free if buy altogether.

Kaplan Test Prep LSAT books

A total of 5 books - each for $20 only; if you buy them altogether - I'll give you 7 practice tests for free; brand new, never used. These 5 books are: LSAT...

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