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POLI 244 – Essential Readings in World Politics

3rd Edition Mingst, Snyder It's one edition old, but the readings are almost all there. I had no problem just using this textbook. Price Negotiable.



PSYC 215 – Social Psychology

4th Canadian Edition Myers, Spencer, Jordan Price Negotiable. Original Price: $132



PSYC 100 – Intro to Psychology

3rd Canadian Edition Price Negotiable. Original Price: $131.25



Simon & Schuster Handbook for Writers

Fifth Canadian Edition Troyka & Hesse Price Negotiable Original Price: $70



POLI 243 – Power, Money & Trade

Power Money & Trade: Decisions that Shape Global Economic Relations Mark Brawley Some highlighting. Price Negotiable. Original Price: $46



PSYC 213 – Cognition

Cognition 4th Edition Benjafield, Smilek, Kingstone Barely used. Price Negotiable. Original Price: $158



Math 140/141 – Stewart Calculus (Text & Solution Manual)

6th Edition Price Negotiable. The questions at the end of the chapters may vary, but for practice purposes, the 6th edition works perfectly fine for the course.



Le Robert & Collins: Le dictionnaire de référence Dictionnaire français...

I bought it for 42euros. Big and complete French-English dictionary.



Social Cognition by Moskowitz

I bought it new. Has pencil underlines. No highlights. for PSYC 473 Social Cognition and the Self, with Prof. Baldwin.



Personality Theory and Research 11e – by Cervone & Pervin

I bought it new. has some yellow highlights. for PSYC 332 - Intro to Personality.

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