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Microeconomics Textbook (Ragan) 14th ed. pdf

Christopher T.S. Ragan, Richard G. Lipsey - Microeconomics, 14th Canadian Edition



Vander’s Human Physiology PDF 14th ed.

Vander’s Human Physiology Mechanisms of Body Function PDF textbook. 14th edition For either PHGY 209 or PHGY 210 classes



Mathematics for Management, 3rd Custom Edition – Lau, Hang

Course: CMS2 500 Mathematics for Management. Condition: Excellent, without writing or highlighting.   $75 514-817-3194    



INDR 294

I never used that book, dropped the class.




The book, the notes for the final 2 different versions, the past exams.



RUSS 224

Perfect condition course pack



MARKETING 10th Canadian edition, by Crane Kerin and Hartley Rudelius

MARKETING 10th Canadian edition, by Crane Kerin and Hartley Rudelius. In a perfect condition, no highlights, like new. 514-777-9242




CMS2 521 Custom edition, bought new, please reply to this post. Thanks!



CEC2 532 Business Economics only $20

Textbook for CEC2 532 course Business Economics by Dr. Kenneth Matziorinis: Theory and Practice, 6th Edition ISBN: 978-0- 9695506-2-4. Please reply back to this a...



nsci 200

selling the intro to neuroscience textbook. in very good condition

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