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Introduction to Atmospheric Sciences Meteorology

for atoc 181 price is negotiable!!



Mathematical Tools for Management Professionals (Plus Solutions Manual

Both books in near-perfect condition, no highlighting or markings inside. Used to study for a summer course, no longer need them! Thanks :)



Le Chevalier de la Charrette – Chrétien de Troyes

FREN book



La princesse de Clèves – Madame de Lafayette

FREN book



Marketing Research 8/Edition-Hardcover

Authors Burns, Veeck & Bush. 2017. Hardcover. No highlighting. If interested, text at 514-6254016



Marketing-Canadian Crane 10th Edition

Marketing by Crane 10th Canadian Edition. McGraw Hill Education. Textbook required in CMR2 542. EXCELENT CONDITION. HARDBACK. NO HIGHLIGHTS.



Canada’s Population in a Global Context: An Introduction to Social de...

-Required for SOCI 234 -Nothing highlighted -No folded pages



I-Language: An Introduction to Linguistics as Cognitive Science 2nd Edition...

Authors: Daniela Isac & Charles Reiss -No highlighted or folded pages



ECON 313 / ECON 314 Textbook Todaro and Smith 12th Edition

Economic Development 12th Edition by Todaro and Smith. Some highlighting, but overall in very good condition. Still for sale!



Mathematics for Management (Author: LAU)

Textbook required for CMS2 500 - Mathematics for Management Title: Mathematics for Management 3rd edition Imprint: Pearson In brand new condition (no writing...

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