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$30 $/h

Chemistry tutoring

6th year Ph D student in Chemistry at McGill is offering tutoring in Org chem,Inorganic, and General chem. If you need help preparing for midterms, or assigments fee...



Physics 101 Tutor

Hi, I'm a McGill Physics graduate, a former physics teacher, and a longtime tutor with an Education degree from Queens. I know McGill's Physics 101 course inside &am...



Calculus Tutor

I tutor Calculus I as well as Calculus II at a reasonable price.



Looking for Investment Tutor

I am looking for someone who can teach me about the stock market and how to invest money. I would like to learn how to read the Dow Jones and other such Stock Market...



Looking for History Tutor

Looking for someone who can teach me a little about American history. In fact, I am open to the history of many countries.



Selling ASUS Chromebook!

Hi, I'm selling my ASUS chromebook. It's pretty new, I have been using it only for 2 months. It's light and convenient to carry around, so it's perfect for school! P...


$$10-20/hour depending on the number of people in the group

SOCI 330 Tutor

Tutoring for SOCI 330. Previous experience and qualifications: - I have already tutored 330 for the past two semesters - Got an A in the class, 85% minimum in a...



My Spanish for your Englisg and/or French

I am looking to exchange my Spanish for your French or English. We can meet one time per week in a cafe and practice. If inteersted, please get in touch.



Case+keyboard cover+ screen protector

For MacBook Air 11 3 in 1 : -Hard Shell Case cover protector for Apple Macbook Air 11" -Keyboard Cover -LCD HD Screen protector 11.6" Air They are brand ...


$Language Exchange

Language Exchange (French-Chinese)

I am looking for a language exchange partner (Chinese-French). I am a native Chinese speaker and I would like to find someone who speaks fluent French and also is in...

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