Master’s Candidate in Design Tutoring AutoCAD, Sketchup, Architecture, and Design – 1-to-1 lessons from $34.50/hr!

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Master’s Candidate in Design Tutoring AutoCAD, Sketchup, Architecture, and Design – 1-to-1 lessons from $34.50/hr!


I am a Master’s Candidate in Interior Design, with experience in Sustainable Architecture and design software. I can help you with a range of subjects, including AutoCAD, Architectural Graphics, Architectural History, CAD, Design, Drawing, Geometry and Architecture, Interior Design, Math, Mathematics for Architecture, SketchUp, and Sustainable Design. I am passionate about innovation and helping people learn!
A little bit about me:
-Pursuing a M.A. in Interior Design
– DEC in Sustainable Architecture at Herzing College
-B.A. in Design, including architectural courses
-Skilled in software and digital media
-4 Years Experience tutoring AutoCAD
-Dedicated, Motivated, Enthusiastic
-Speaks English, French, and Arabic
-One of the Most Valued Tutors in the “Hit the Books” team
●PLEASE CONTACT info@hitthebooks.ca for more information!
You can also reach us at:
(514) 699-2699
(514) 667-4535
(514) 812-0493
Limited Time Special offers:
One-To-One Tutoring from $34.50/hr (a 35% Discount!)
2-Student Tutoring from $23.50/hr (a 40% Discount)
Mini-Group Tutoring (3 to 5 students) from ONLY $15.50/hr (a 45% Discount!)
McGill Courses:
ARCH 202 Architectural Graphics and Elements of Design
ARCH 217 Freehand Drawing 1
ARCH 218 Freehand Drawing 2
ARCH 250 Architectural History 1
ARCH 251 Architectural History 2
ARCH 321 Freehand Drawing 3
ARCH 322 Freehand Drawing 4
ARCH 324 Sketching School
ARCH 354 Architectural History 3
ARCH 375 Landscape
ARCH 318 Design Sketching
ARCH 383 Geometry and Architecture
ARCH 461 Freehand Drawing and Sketching
ARCH 471 Computer-Aided Building Design
ARCH 490 Selected Topics in Design
ARCH 512 Architectural Modelling
ARCH 515 Sustainable Design
ARCH 528 History of Housing
ARCH 529 Housing Theory
Dawson Courses:
510-130-DW Drawing from Observation
510-132-DW Visual Language 2D
510-133-DW Visual Language 3D
520-131-DW History of Art and Aesthetics I
570-130-DW Materials I
570-131-DW Interior Design I
520-231-DW History of Art and Aesthetics II
570-230-DW Materials II
570-131-DW Interior Design II
570-234-DW Presentation Techniques I
570-235-DW CAD I
570-236-DW Colour and Lighting I
570-331-DW Interior Design III
570-332-DW Construction Documents I
570-334-DW Presentation Techniques II
570-335-DW CAD II
570-336-DW Colour and Lighting II
570-337-DW Design Theory: 19th Century to Present
570-431-DW Interior Design IV
510-530-DW 3D Studies
570-530-DW Furniture Design and Construction
570-531-DW Interior Design V
570-538-DW Human Factors: Code, Accessibility, Ergonomics
570-631-DW Interior Design VI
570-632-DW Construction Documents IV
Vanier Courses:
201-180-VA Mathematics for Architectural Technology
221-110-VA Computer Applications in Architecture
221-120-VA Architectural Drawing I
221-130-VA Introduction to Architectural Technology
221-150-VA Architectural Design and Presentation I
221-210-VA Computer Aided Drawing I
221-220-VA Architectural Drawing 2
221-250-VA History of Architecture
221-280-VA Construction Safety and Site Preparation
221-310-VA Computer Aided Drawing 2
221-320-VA Project 1
221-350-VA Design and Presentation 2
221-510-VA Computer Aided Drawing 3
221-520-VA Project 3
221-530-VA Interior Systems and Circulation
221-620-VA Project 4
221-630-VA Innovative Technologies
221-650-VA Architectural Rendering
Herzing Courses:
Applied Mathematics for Architecture
Technical Architectural and Architectural Drawing
History of Architecture and Sustainable Architecture
Analysis and Design Statements of Green Buildings
Architectural Drawing I
Architectural Drawing II
Green Building – Building Cultural
Sustainable, Industrial and Commercial Buildings
Green Building Interiors
LaSalle Courses:
Three-Dimensional Design
Drawing Techniques (AutoCAD)
Colours & Effects
Materials and Finishes
Interior Design I 60 h Applied Colour I
Interior Architecture I
3D Modelling for Interior Design
Interior Layout Planning II
History of Styles & Interior Design I
Furniture Design and Production I
Interior Layout Planning III
Who We Are:
We are a group of outstanding graduate degree holders and PhD candidates in different fields. We are proud that our team in Science, Engineering, Languages, and Art are among the Top University Candidates or Graduates in their respective fields. Highly experienced in tutoring, we help students at all levels with all their educational needs, with the highest possible quality and at the most competitive rates.
“We Are Proudly Not a Corporation,” so in order to keep our rates down, We Need YOUR SUPPORT!

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