Clubs and Services Room Booking

Clubs and Services Room Booking

Please note that all recurring bookings from the Fall Semester will end as of December 16, 2022. A new reservation is required for bookings beginning in January. Old booking contracts will be considered null and void.

Find out in detail the rules and regulations for space use in the University Centre for the Winter 2023 semester along with some other friendly reminders

University Centre Room Bookings – Winter 2023

Building Hours of Operation

The University Centre will be open for bookings:

Subsidized Room Bookings

On VEMS, please clarify what layout you’d prefer if you opt for Porter Set-up in the following section: Please describe how you would like the space set-up (eg. Meeting, open floor, etc.)


Name Title Assistance
Bailey Hughes Student Life Operations Director
  • Complaints regarding Events;
  • VEMS errors/credentials;
  • Urgent inquiries regarding Events (internal and external);
  • Independent Contractor Agreements;
  • Bar Service at Events in the University Centre. 
Zachary Jardin  Internal Events Coordinator
  • Room Bookings in the University Centre;
  • Equipment Bookings;
  • Student Group Sponsorship.
Theo Metcalf  External Events Coordinator 
  • Event Declarations;
  • Guest Speaker Declarations;
  • Food Permits (MAPAQ);
  • Additional Insurance.
Wallace Sealy


Building Director
  • Complaints;
  • Deliveries;
  • Maintenance and Repair;
  • Fire Safety;
  • Insurance inquiries;
  • Security;
  •  Troubleshooting A/V.
Johan or Dylan or 

514-617-0081 (day)/ 514-617-0082 (night)

Building Concierge (Porters)
  • Room access;
  • Troubleshooting A/V;
  • Emergencies/Assistance for evening events.

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External Events – Winter 2023

Please declare all external/on campus Events occurring in the first two weeks of January, no  later than December 9, 2022 for processing.

Clarification on Event Declaration Submissions ->Applies to events outside the University Centre

When submitting an Event Declaration, please be sure to submit your request  a minimum of (15) business days in advance so we can ensure signatures and approvals are completed in a timely manner. 

Please allow (3) business days for a response before sending a follow up. Approvals will be determined based on the complexity of the Event / Activity and may require more processing time if supporting documentation is required (eg. Guest Speaker approvals, Food Permits, etc.)

Clarification on Food Sales (MAPAQ Permit) – Applies to Internal & External Events

A MAPAQ certificate is required if the food is being made or handled by students and then served or sold. A MAPAQ certificate is mandatory under Quebec law in such a case and must be applied for by the student group, a process which can take many weeks, as such, please plan your event accordingly. A MAPAQ certificate is NOT required, if the food being served or sold has been pre-prepared by a vendor with a MAPAQ certificate or food license, i.e. a restaurant, caterer, grocer, Krispy Kreme etc., as long as the food remains sealed in the containers/wrapping and is not manipulated after purchasing. 

All food sales and self-catered events / activities must be submitted in the Sale & Service of Food Declaration Form. Here you can attach the MAPAQ permit (if your group has already obtained one) as proof or the External Events Coordinator will flag your event if you do not yet have a permit, and guide the process. We will ensure that Health & Safety standards are met and communicated to your group.