Events & Activities

Events & Activities

Sports de Combats

Are you looking to learn Archery, Axe & Knife throwing or bring a few friends for Combat Archery, Nerf Battle and Rage Cage? We are conveniently located in Mile End at St. Laurent & Laurier, near McGill campus.Visit us & enjoy 20% off for all services at Sports de Combats!

We offer: archery lessons, archery range & membership, axe & knife throwing, rage cage, combat archery, and nerf battles.

Restrictions & Requirements: only applicable to public bookings/sessions, no applicable to equipment purchases & pro-shop, online reservation required with the code Mcgill20, and student ID required at the front desk.

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Laser Quest

Open to a wide audience of all ages and backgrounds, this adventure – a futuristic combination of hide-and-seek and tag – takes place inside a five-level labyrinth filled with special effects, fog, and music – it’s live action laser tag at its best! Situated downtown, only a 5-minute walk from McGill.

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