Student Group Resources

Student Group Resources

Resources for Student Group Executives

Vice President (Student Life)

As the head of the Student Life team, the Vice President (Student Life) is responsible for the coordination of Activities Night, the management of the SSMU Building, the allocation of club resources, and overall club policy.

Club Administrative Officer

The Club Administrative Officer is responsible for day-to-day clubs administration. For inquiries about bank accounts, signing officers, club forms, or general questions about club administration and management.

Club Commissioner

The Club Commissioner chairs the Club Committee. For inquiries about how to start a club, interim status applications, full status applications, or constitutional amendments

Front Desk

The SSMU front desk staff can assist clubs with general inquiries about the SSMU, provide assistance booking rooms in the SSMU Building, provide approval to poster in the SSMU building, or grant clubs mailboxes. The front desk staff can be reached at (514) 398-6800 and are available in the SSMU Office from 9am-5pm on weekdays.

Events Administrator 

The Events Administrator manages the SSMU Room Booking System (EMS). All the bookings are done by the system, but in case you encounter a problem, contact her by e-mail.

Funding Coordinator

The Funding Coordinator is responsible for collecting funding applications from clubs and managing the disbursement of funds to student groups. For inquiries about the application process or about one of the many funds available to clubs.

Club Representative

SSMU’s 250+ clubs are represented on SSMU Council by two Club Representatives, who are responsible for representing the interests of clubs and voting in favour of clubs at Council.

Building Director

SSMU’s Building Director handles security for club events, lost and found, events with alcohol in the SSMU Building, and after-hours access to the SSMU building.  

Financial Management

Bank Account and Signing Officer Forms

Funding for Student Groups