Forms, documents & contacts

Forms, documents & contacts

Maintaining Club Status and Club Workshops

Club Audits

Communication details for upcoming audit will be sent to the club SSMU email address at least 2 weeks before the submissions deadline.No late applications will be accepted, and late applications will result in an audit score of zero. Please submit at least a few hours before the deadline in case of any potential server issues. Note that both the Club Audit Form and your original receipts must be submitted online before the deadline in order for your Club Audit to be considered submitted.

Audit workshops are held during each semester. The workshops are mandatory and will give guidance how to complete the semesterly audit that follows the SSMU standards. The workshop may also address ongoing concerns or updates on the internal regulations, thus your previous experience with club audit does not excuse you from the workshop. SSMU Club Auditor will always be available to answer questions via email at or schedule a meeting with you.

The club audits are assessed by the SSMU Club Auditor and will be assigned an overall weighted score between 0 and 5. Failure to complete the audit form or to submit documentation such as receipts will result in a score of 0. The audit should reflect a fair representation of your club’s accounting policies, its financial state and transactions followed by thorough disclosures. In particular, the process will measure accuracy, compliance and completeness of the audit.Your overall weighted audit scores will have the following results:


Overall weighted audit score Results
4-5 Pass
1-3 Fail



Please note that the SSMU Club Auditor may contact you for additional questions regarding your internal control, compliance, unusual transactions and/or signs of fraud. It is your responsibility to ensure that you disclose all relevant and accurate information. Failure to do so will result in appropriate sanctions.

The club audit score is also a top criterion used by the Funding Committee to allocate funds to clubs throughout the year, and so not submitting a Club Audit, or receiving a low audit score, may have a negative impact on your club’s future funding applications.
If you have any questions, please contact the Club Auditor at

Club Audit form
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Declaration of Event & Insurance Request Form

Student Group Information Form

Clubs and Services Listserv Subscribe List

Request for Club Website Design and Support form


Rules and Regulations

Internal Regulations of Student Groups (amended on April 04, 2016)
Rights and responsibilities of clubs, services, and ISGs.Club Processes document
A complete list of status and administrative sanctions

Guides and Checklists

SSMU External Events Guide 2018-2019
In this guide, you will find important information to organize your off-campus events and activities.Contracts & Agreements Checklist
Details to consider when signing an agreement with an external party

SSMU Contacts for clubs

Both the Student Life Team and the permanent staff at the SSMU are dedicated to facilitating the day to day operation of clubs and ensuring that clubs are able to continue engaging students.  Any of the following SSMU employees can be contacted with questions and concerns that are relevant to their portfolios:

Vice President (Student Life)

As the head of the Student Life team, the Vice President (Student Life) is responsible for the coordination of Activities Night, the management of the SSMU Building, the allocation of club resources, and overall club policy.

Club Administrative Officer

The Club Administrative Officer is responsible for day-to-day clubs administration. For inquiries about bank accounts, signing officers, club forms, or general questions about club administration and management.

Club Commissioner

The Club Commissioner chairs the Club Committee. For inquiries about how to start a club, interim status applications, full status applications, or constitutional amendments

Front Desk

The SSMU front desk staff can assist clubs with general inquiries about the SSMU, provide assistance booking rooms in the SSMU Building, provide approval to poster in the SSMU building, or grant clubs mailboxes. The front desk staff can be reached at (514) 398-6800 and are available in the SSMU Office from 9am-5pm on weekdays.

Events Administrator 

The Events Administrator manages the SSMU Room Booking System (EMS). All the bookings are done by the system, but in case you encounter a problem, contact her by e-mail.

Funding Coordinator

The Funding Coordinator is responsible for collecting funding applications from clubs and managing the disbursement of funds to student groups. For inquiries about the application process or about one of the many funds available to clubs.

Club Representative

SSMU’s 250+ clubs are represented on SSMU Council by two Club Representatives, who are responsible for representing the interests of clubs and voting in favour of clubs at Council.

Building Director

SSMU’s Building Director handles security for club events, lost and found, events with alcohol in the SSMU Building, and after-hours access to the SSMU building.