Funding for Student Groups

Funding for Student Groups

SSMU Funding

SSMU offers a variety of funding opportunities for student groups.  All funds, allocated by the Funding Committee, are available to Full Status Clubs. Interim Status Clubs are eligible for every fund but the Club Fund.

To be eligible for funding, your club must be in good standing with the SSMU rules and regulations.

Funding and Fundraising

As clubs are not guaranteed any funding from the SSMU, clubs are responsible for their own fundraising in order to support their events and initiatives. There are a wide variety of funds and resources available to clubs that can be drawn upon as resources. Visit the Funding page for more information on funding opportunities.

External Funding and Sponsorship

While many clubs are interested in pursuing sponsorship agreements with external commercial groups, SSMU clubs are not legal entities and any contract signed by a club is not legally binding.

Please make sure to read the Students Groups regulations and club processes at the beginning of this page, for more information on sponsorship and contracts.