FAQ – Building, Events, Getting Involved

FAQ – Building, Events, Getting Involved

Frequently Asked Questions

For information about how COVID-19 is affecting McGill University and its operations, please refer to McGill’s Coronavirus FAQs.

If you have specific questions related to COVID-19 and how McGill University will be operating, please direct them to COVID-19.info@mcgill.ca. If you have specific questions related to COVID-19 and how the SSMU will be operating, please direct them to covid.info@ssmu.ca. You can also find information on our Coronavirus Preparedness webpage.

University Centre

Is it safe to be in the University Centre? What safety precautions do I need to take when inside the building?

Your health and safety are paramount to us at SSMU. As such, we’ve implemented health and safety protocols that will reduce the risk of virus transmission and are stringent enough to allow for events and activities to happen in-person at the University Centre in the safest way possible.

When inside the University Centre, wearing a mask or face covering that covers the nose and mouth is mandatory in all enclosed or partially enclosed places, as per the Government of Quebec’s mandate. This includes all common areas (internal corridors, entryways, washrooms, etc.). Keep at least 2 metres apart when around other people, including the  hallways, staircases and shared spaces. There will be decals posted throughout the University Centre as a reference point and signage directing traffic flow. Moreover, please follow Public Health recommendations and frequently wash your hands with soap and water. We also encourage folks to use the hand sanitizer stations provided on each floor of the University Centre, as well as at the main entry and exit points.

Additionally, the SSMU has enhanced daily cleaning of common touch points such as door handles, elevator buttons, stair rails, etc. along with other recommendations provided by Public Health. All students and staff who are using offices or rooms must wipe down their individual stations and equipment in their office or rented space both upon arrival and before departing with the provided cleaning supplies.

Information for Student Groups

If you are part of a SSMU Club, Service or ISG and you have questions about SSMU’s protocols for the Fall, please refer to the communication emailed to all groups on August 17th that details how we are adjusting our operations to reflect this new reality.

Will student groups be able to hold in-person events?

For the duration of red-zone restrictions, there will be no in-person events of any kind. When in person gatherings become possible again, we will be significantly limiting the capacity of our bookable spaces to allow for safe distancing. A list of each room and its new capacity limit will be made available in the coming weeks. Additionally, all events and meetings happening on campus must adhere to McGill and SSMU protocols and procedures, including our new approval process.

How do I get my event approved?

For the duration of red-zone restrictions, there will be no in-person events of any kind.

Before holding an event either online or on-campus when permitted, your group must submit an Event Declaration form here. Each event submission will be carefully triaged by the Events Administrator and then sent to the Events Committee for approval. Upon approval, your group will be notified and sent a confirmation email outlining protocols for space use and the terms and conditions of your space rental. Please note that all events must be submitted a MINIMUM of (20) business days prior to allow for sufficient processing time.

Our other forms related to events such as Sponsorship, Guest Speakers, and Independent Contract Agreements must be completed if necessary, regardless of whether your event(s) are online or in person. If you have any questions regarding what forms will be required for your event, you can contact Rebecca at eventsadmin@ssmu.ca.

What activities and events will be allowed in the University Centre?

To ensure continued safety, we are not permitting indoor or outdoor meetings/events/gatherings on campus until further notice. 

With safety as our paramount concern, building access to the University Centre, offices and services will be restricted to authorized personnel only with electronic access control cards. Amid the red alert with COVID-19, only groups who have an office will be permitted access from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Please be reminded that a self-assessment form must be completed by each person, and it is mandatory to respect the maximum number of occupants in each office space. Some SSMU Service units and ISGs have been resuming in-person services while others continue to operate virtually. Visit the Student Life webpage to navigate to each group’s respective website or Facebook page for more details.

Will activities with food or beverages be allowed?

At this time, sales of food by student groups on or off campus will be prohibited. However, in rented spaces and common areas, we will permit pre-packaged or personal lunches.

How many free hours of booking will student groups receive in the University Centre?

When in person activities become possible, SSMU Clubs and Services will be allotted 5 free bookings hours and Independent Student Groups will get 3 free hours. Additional hours will be offered at a 50% discount off the room rate.

Will external/off-campus bookings by student groups be allowed?

No groups will be allowed to operate in person events off campus. For the duration of the red zone, all events must be held online.  When in-person events are possible again, any events must be on McGill Campus or in the University Centre and have gone through the procedure to get it approved. Should you have any concerns or your group requires specific accommodations/rehearsal space, please contact the VP Student Life (studentlife@ssmu.ca).

Getting Involved at SSMU

SSMU is working to ensure that your student life experience is as fulfilling and as safe as possible.

What is Activities Night and will it be held this year?

Activities Night is SSMU’s bi-annual fair that features SSMU Clubs, Services, ISGs and community organizations! Once a semester, all of SSMU’s 250+ student groups showcase what campus has to offer. Each group is able to speak with attending students directly and communicate their activities, goals, and the ways that students can engage with them. Fall 2020 Activities Night was held online successfully, stay tuned for more details on Winter 2021 Activities Night. 

How do I join a Club, Service or ISG?

The best way to join a Club, Service or ISG is by getting in contact with the groups you are interested in via email, social media or at Activities Night! All clubs, as well as some Services and ISGs, have ways for general members to get involved in their activities and take on leadership roles.

Will Clubs be operating in the Fall term since classes will be delivered remotely?

Clubs are encouraged to be active in the Fall term and hold accessible remote or virtual events. If you are interested in whether a specific Club will be active, you can find them at Activities Night, on their social media pages or you can email them directly! All Clubs will carry out their activities differently and upcoming events for Clubs can be found in the SSMU’s weekly email newsletter, as well as the SSMU’s central calendar which advertises student events.

Will Services be operating in the Fall term since classes will be delivered remotely?

All 16 SSMU Services will be providing their Services this Fall in some capacity! Whether online or in-person, each Service will be adapting their activities differently. You can find more information on their websites and social media pages.

Can I create a Club that does not already exist at McGill?

Yes! The SSMU website outlines the process by which you can start your own Club, which begins with making sure your Club has no or limited overlap with others. You are in fact encouraged to consider creating your own Club if there is no existing equivalent!