How to book a room?


Please note this service is not currently offered due to the building renovations. For more information, please visit the Building closure page.

Before you proceed with your room booking, select your category:

Room bookings
  • 15 hours per week of subsidized room bookings for SSMU Clubs and 10 hours for SSMU Services and ISG groups.
  • Possibility of booking rooms within 3 months of advance from the date of the event.
  • Includes tables and chairs already available in the room.
  • Includes AV equipment already built in the room.
  • Includes AV and equipment that can be brought into the room provided availability.
Table bookings
  • Possibility of booking tables for 10 hours per week within 6 weeks in advance.
Extra charges
  • If your booking went beyond building hours, you will incur extra charges.
  • If special cleaning was needed after your event, you will incur extra charges.
  • If crowd control was necessary, you will incur extra charges.
  • Alcohol service has a cost apart.
  • If you book more than 15 hours in a given week, you must pay the “McGill Community rate” starting the 16th hour and every subsequent hour
  • Services such as porter services, security, stage relocation, cleaning, AV technician, event coordination, alcohol service, etc., generate extra charge and require the signature of the SSMU Event Contract and Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions.
  • Rooms include tables and chairs that reserving parties may arrange as they wish. Setup and takedown time should be taken into consideration when making the booking. Prices for a custom setup are available upon request, please contact Rooms can be set up by the SSMU staff in the following styles for $25, with an additional $0.25 for every additional chair after 50 chairs:
    • Workshop
    • Classroom
    • Presentation
    • Meeting
  • Booking must be submitted via EMS booking system at least two business days in advance and within 2 months before the date of the event.
  • Provide all the information regarding your event to the best of your knowledge.
  • The more information you provide, the more promptly your request can be processed.
  • When you book a room with the SSMU, you agree to respect the Bylaws and these Terms and Conditions.
  • You will need to create an account using your club/service’s official e-mail in the EMS systemOnly accounts made with the SSMU club/service official emails will be accepted.
  • Incoming SSMU community group executives should consult outgoing executives for EMS account information prior to creating a new account.
  • When an account is created, please contact to activate the account.
  • Make sure to log into your account first before you start making bookings or else your bookings will not be approved.
  • Bookings can be made up to 3 months in advance.
  • The SSMU Ballroom cannot be booked online. Requests for the ballroom should be sent to
  • Confirmations will be sent out for online bookings minimum 1 week prior to the requested date. Those who do not receive a confirmation 48 hours prior to their booking can contact
Room bookings
Table bookings
  • Please contact our Sponsorship Representative directly at Please indicate the dates that you plan to have your reservation.
Room bookings
Table bookings
  • Please contact our Sponsorship Representative directly at Please indicate the dates that you plan to have your reservation.

Rooms Available

Looking for a room for your next meeting, conference or event? Check out all the possibilities at the University Centre:

How to Get Equipment

When you rent equipment from the SSMU, you agree to respect the SSMU Event Contract and Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions.
Items available for rent and usage inside the building
AV ($18 flat rate): Microphones, Speakers, Screen and projector, and DVD Player
Furniture/Equipment ($18 flat rate): Podium, White board, Blackboard, Flip chart, Coat Racks, Piano, Yoga Mats

Items available for outdoor purposes

Outdoor Equipment*: BBQ ($35/day)**, Tables ($8/table/day), Chairs ($3/chair/day), Tent ($15/day)
*Only outdoor equipment is permitted to leave the University Centre.
** BBQ: Propane tank is provided with the BBQ. Propane tanks must be returned full with receipt or empty (in this case, there will be an additional $30 fee).

This is how you book it
SSMU Community groups may book equipment to accompany their room bookings through EMS booking system. All other groups should send their requests to
Retrieving rented equipment

    1. At the start of the reserved time of your booking, contact the porters 514-617-0081 or 514-617-0082.
    2. Exchange your McGill ID for the equipment, and bring it to the room.
    3. At the end of the event, return the equipment to retrieve your ID.

This is your responsibility while renting it

You are responsible for any damages that happen to the equipment during use. The necessary repairs will be invoiced to your group. If you lose an item, its replacement will be invoiced to your group as well.


Useful information

  1. Never leave the equipment unattended. You are responsible for any damages or loss that occur during the rental period. Repairs or replacement will be billed to the renting party.
  2. The availability of the equipment is on a first come first serve basis.
  3. AV technicians are available upon request at an additional cost.

Other sources of equipment on Campus

ICS McGill is another source to get your equipment. Contact ICS McGill directly for availabilities and pricing.

How to Request Food & Alcohol Service


Throughout the year, tables are available for booking in the University Centre’s lobby and near the second-floor cafeteria. The building has a constant flow of between 1,000 to 1,400 McGill students, faculty and staff streaming in and out on any given day.

Please contact our Sponsorship Representative directly at if you are not part of the SSMU Community and wish to book a table.

Note: Food is not allowed while tabling.