Building Closure

Building Closure

This page was created to centralize information about the upcoming closure of the University Centre. As we progress throughout the year, this page will be updated with new information. If you have any questions or comments about the building closure, please contact us.

What is happening?

The University Centre at 3480 McTavish Street will be closing in 2018 for renovations. The following work will be completed during the closure (in no order of priority):

  1. Replacement of the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system (HVAC);
  2. Rebuilding the electrical distribution;
  3. Asbestos abatement;
  4. Construction of a new washroom on the second floor;
  5. Replacement of the main entrance grill;
  6. Floor tile replacement; and
  7. Various upgrades to the building emergency power, gas entrance, washrooms as well as the telecommunication distribution.

Why is it happening?



The University systems that regulate ventilation and air temperature are aging and require replacement. We have been experiencing numerous problems with the HVAC system, such as mechanical failure, flooding, cold and hot spots and each year the problem(s) become worse.

Electrical Distribution

Electrical capacity in the University Centre is limited and some areas do not have enough power to meet their needs. In some cases it limits what can be done in the building for large scale events that require greater amounts of electricity.

Asbestos Abatement

The University Centre is over 50 years old and was constructed in a time when asbestos was a widespread construction material, for things like insulation, fire retardant, and so on. Areas of the building, such as the mechanical rooms, and fixtures, like the piping distribution throughout the building still contain asbestos and must be removed and replaced in a safe manner.

New Washroom

Building code requires additional washrooms based on the current building occupancy. Currently there are no public washrooms on the second floor.

Grill Replacement

The foot grill at the main entrance is old and can no longer be lifted for maintenance. Also, there is no drainage underneath the grill, which accumulates moisture during the winter and spring.

Floor Tile Replacement

There are a number of areas in the building where pieces of floor tile are missing or broken. These areas will be repaired.

Various Upgrades

During the planning phase a number of building upgrades have been identified and this work will take place during the building closure.

When is it happening?

Construction is planned to begin in April, 2018 and the work will continue until winter 2019. As the work progresses throughout the spring, summer and fall of 2018 individual floors may be opened to operations as they are completed, but this will be confirmed once the planning for this project is finalized. Currently, we expect to reopen a portion of the building in September, 2018. Prior to the start of the project, the SSMU will be closing the University Centre to public access for 2 weeks, starting March 17, 2018 to facilitate the move out of the building. The SSMU will also be keeping the building closed for 2 weeks when we are given the go ahead to return. This will enable our occupants and our operations to prepare for public access.

Who is affected?

The University Centre is home to a number of clubs, services and independent student groups (ISG). It is used to store materials for groups across campus and it holds hundreds of events per year for the McGill community. The following list indicates the group name, location(s) and status of relocation:

Group Name Relocation
Arab Student Network 3471 Peel Street, Room 301
Musician’s Collective TBD
Players’ Theatre Office 3471 Peel Street, Room 105
Players’ Theatre Mainline Theatre (shows TBD)
Savoy Society TBD
Flat Bike Collective 2075 Robert Bourassa Boulevard, Basement, B006
Muslim Students Association (MSA) Office 2075 Robert Bourassa Boulevard, 5th Floor
Muslim Students Association (MSA) Friday Prayer New Residence Hall, (see their Facebook page for event details and times
McGill University Photography Students’ Society Office 2075 Robert Bourassa Boulevard, 5th Floor
McGill University Photography Students’ Society Darkroom TBD
McGill Daily 2075 Robert Bourassa Boulevard, 5th Floor
Sexual Assault Centre of the McGill Students’ Society (SACOMSS) 2075 Robert Bourassa Boulevard, 5th Floor
TVMcGill 2075 Robert Bourassa Boulevard, 5th Floor
McGill Tribune 2075 Robert Bourassa Boulevard, 5th Floor
Legal Information Clinic 2075 Robert Bourassa Boulevard, 5th Floor
Midnight Kitchen Office 3471 Peel Street, Room 202
Midnight Kitchen 137 Rue Saint-Ferdinand
Peer Support Centre 3471 Peel Street, Rooms 200, 204
Union for Gender Empowerment 2075 Robert Bourassa Boulevard, 5th Floor
Black Students’ Network 3471 Peel Street, Room 300
Plate Club 3471 Peel Street, Room B7
McGill Outdoor Club 3471 Peel Street, Room 103
McGill Quidditch Storage 3471 Peel Street, Room B3
MSERT 3471 Peel Street, Room 207
DriveSafe 3471 Peel Street, Room 306
Queer McGill 3471 Peel Street, Room 303
WalkSafe 3471 Peel Street, Room 306
Volunteer Service TBD


Our goal is to minimize the impact of this closure as much as possible, but there may be some disruptions to some groups as we transition from one location to another. As negotiations progress, we will change the information on the table above. In terms of SSMU operations, Gerts Bar will close along with all SSMU operations in the University Centre. Please note that the closure will not affect the SSMU head office, the Daycare and the Nursery, which are located in the Brown Building.