Mission and Values

Mission and Values

Our Mission

To represent and advance the diverse needs of McGill Undergraduate students by improving the quality and accessibility of education, providing outstanding services, and promoting social, cultural, and personal opportunities.

Our Values


The SSMU serves as an umbrella organization to coordinate and support the student groups that make up civic life in the McGill community, while providing services to strengthen the educational, cultural, environmental, political, and social conditions of our Members.


SSMU acts as the official voice of our Members and as a liaison between them and the University. Members are encouraged to provide feedback to all of their elected representatives, including the Executives and Senators who represent student voices on McGill’s highest governing bodies.


The SSMU  commits to demonstrating leadership in matters of human rights, social justice and environmental protection, and to groups, programs, and activities that are devoted to the well-being of disadvantaged groups. We strive to ensure that all of our endeavours are undertaken with full respect for human dignity and bodily sovereignty and without discrimination on the basis of personal characteristics that include but are not limited to race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, gender identification, age, mental or physical disability, language, sexual orientation or social class.


The SSMU recognizes the holistic nature of sustainability and the importance of addressing environmental, social, and economic viability. According to the SSMU Sustainability Policy, sustainability does not refer exclusively to environmental considerations, but also encompasses sustainability in regards to justice and equity. These latter aspects of sustainability are addressed by the SSMU Equity Committee, which is tasked to work and collaborate on sustainability-related issues.