Education Summit Consultation Sessions

Education Summit Consultation Sessions


The PQ government has just recently announced that it will be holding its Summit on Higher Education in mid-February. As a lead up to this, SSMU will be holding a series of consultation sessions, with the first round being November 19th and 20th 12-4 pm in the SSMU Ballroom, and November 23rd in the Lev Bukman room.

There will be tables to discuss the following topics:

– University financing
– Tuition fees and alternatives
– Research
– Financial Aid and Student Debt
– University governance
– The role of university in society
– Out-of-province and international student needs
– Anglophone students in Quebec
– Quality of education
– Structural barriers to post-secondary education.

Please join us to share your thoughts on any of these issues!
If you are unable to participate in the in-person discussions, check out the interactive website at!


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