Mental Health

Mental Health

At McGill, there is a wealth of health and wellbeing initiatives offered by students, the University, and the wider community. We encourage all students to take advantage of the resources and activities available in order to cultivate their wellbeing during their time at McGill.

*If you or someone you care about is in a dangerous situation which requires urgent attention, please call 9-1-1, or go to your local hospital’s emergency room*

Mental Health Resources

See here for resources available to McGill students both on-campus, online, and in the community. If you have trouble navigating the available resources, reach out to the SSMU Mental Health Commissioner.


The SSMU Mental Health Outreach Coordinator leads a committee focused on communication, education, and collaboration between campus groups. They manage the SSMU Mental Health Facebook and Instagram, and coordinate Mental Illness Awareness Week in the Fall term and Mental Health Action Week in the Winter term.

The Outreach Coordinator also works with the Mental Health Commissioner to host the Mental Health Roundtable, which brings together leaders from all the mental health-related groups on campus to discuss their initiatives and coordinate their work. If your group would benefit from a seat at this table, please email the Outreach Coordinator.


The SSMU Mental Health Advocacy Coordinator leads a committee focused on holding the University accountable, evaluating and monitoring progress, and fostering allyship through active engagement with marginalized groups on campus. 

If you have any ideas or projects regarding mental health advocacy on-campus that you would like support on, please reach out via email. These can be independent initiatives, projects to improve the SSMU, or advocacy proposals regarding the University. 

You can contribute to the work of the Advocacy Committee by completing these student-run surveys that inform our reports and advocacy efforts:

Relevant Documents

The SSMU Mental Health Commissioner, Coordinators, and Committee are guided by the SSMU Mental Health Policy and 3-Year Plan, which we encourage you to review.

In response to the Policy and 3-Year Plan, SSMU Mental Health has also prepared the following documents:


Beyond funding the work of the Mental Health Commissioner, the two Coordinators, and the Mental Health Roundtable, the SSMU Mental Health Fee has funds available to any student(s) keen to take action. If you have an idea to improve the mental wellbeing of the McGill community, apply to the Mental Health Fund for financial support, and do not hesitate to contact the Mental Health Commissioner for further guidance.

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