SSMU Governance Structure

SSMU Governance Structure


The Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) is the primary student society for over 23,000 undergraduate students at McGill University.

All students registered at McGill University are members of the SSMU, except for the following: students registered in the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, students registered at the Centre for Continuing Education, students registered in graduate programs, and students who are also full-time members of the teaching staff.

The SSMU is governed by a Board of Directors, which delegates its powers to the Executive Committee in between Board of Directors meetings. The Legislative Council is a representative body of elected and nominated student representatives from all undergraduate divisions.

The SSMU is a not-for-profit organization incorporated under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act (CNCA) and operates independently from McGill University.

List of Stakeholders 

General Assembly

A General Assembly may establish, amend or rescind any Policy of the Society, but may not alter the following: the Constitution, membership fees or other financial matters of the Society, and the composition of the Society’s staff.

All members under the SSMU have voting powers at the Assembly.

Board of Directors

Highest governing body at the SSMU.

Composed of eight (8) appointed students, and four (4) elected officers/executives.

They supervise the management and administer the business affairs of the society.

They are responsible for ratifying all operations of the SSMU.

All members are voting members in exception for the International student representative.

Judicial Board

A body of the Board of Directors.

It shall have authority to adjudicate on matters within its jurisdiction, as set out in the Internal Regulations.

Every Member shall have the right to petition the Judicial Board on matters falling within the Judicial Board’s jurisdiction.

Legislative Council

Political decision making body

30 Elected Students

7 Elected Student Executives

Each member has the right to vote.

All decisions must be ratified by the Board of Directors.

Executive Committee

Elected governing body of the SSMU

7 Elected Student Executives

The Board of Directors shall determine the powers of the Officers of the Society.


A direct vote by the student body on a proposal

Members may directly vote on resolutions, in accordance with its Internal Regulations.

All members of the SSMU have voting powers.

Permanent Staff

Full-time staff run the SSMU’s day-to-day activities.

Casual Staff

Part-time staff assist with the SSMU’s day-to-day activities.