Student Rights

Student Rights

McGill University, members of the McGill community, and individuals operating within the McGill context are governed by a number of policies. Typically, academic policies are generated or revised in University Committees, then approved by the McGill Senate and finally by the Board of Governors. A full list of university policies and regulations can be found here, with the Office of the University Secretariat.

Of these policies, a number deal with the academic and personal affairs of students. As any kind of student here, your academic and personal rights are protected by a number of documents. Some key ones are:

A full list can be found here, with the Office of the Dean of Students.

Some faculties – including Law, Medicine, and Management – have their own policies with respect to grading and assessment.

For more details about student rights, keep your eye out for the bi-annual SSMU Know Your Rights Campaign, which takes place each semester during the Add/Drop Period.

If you are worried that your student rights are being violated, reach out to the Legal Information Clinic at McGill or the Office of the Dean of Students, if you feel comfortable doing so.

For all inquiries and concerns regarding academic policy, please contact the SSMU VP University Affairs by email at

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