About the SSMU Listerv – guidelines

About the SSMU Listerv – guidelines

On the SSMU Listserv

At SSMU, we want to bring students relevant information regarding activities, events and opportunities that arise weekly. We have a few, clear, guiding principles regarding the listserv.

  • All content will be for or by student members of the SSMU

We are not a promotional vehicle for non-student endeavors.*

  • Messages will be concise, relevant, timely and cogent.

We want you to want to read it, so make it something worth reading.

  • Listservs are only sent as often as deemed effective to avoid spamming students.

Corrections due to omissions or errors (on our part or yours) will not be sent unless deemed urgent by the VP Internal.

  • Listservs will be bilingual.

This is Québec.

* This is your listserv. Being such, outside companies are rarely promoted via the listserv unless the VP Internal or Communications and Publications Manager deem them to be particularly beneficial to students.


How to submit your events and announcements

  • Events should be submitted online at http://ssmu.ca/activities/events/submit-event/. All events posted via the website will be added to the listserv.  Each listserv will feature events for the upcoming week.  You do not need to send Dallas an email if you already posted your event online!
  • Submission of opportunities or announcements should be sent to Dallas Bentley via email to cpm@ssmu.mcgill.ca. All content on the listserv will be put on the SSMU website one way or another.  Please use the search box at the top of the page to find it fast.
  • Emailed submissions are due by 5:00pm Thursday for the next week’s listserv. Late submissions will be ignored.  Why?  We have to get it translated, assembled, online and emailed by Monday.
  • Limit submissions to 75 words or less. Make sure blurbs include dates, start and end times and relevant contact information.
  • NO ATTACHMENTS OR ARTWORK WILL BE INCLUDED IN THE EMAIL (e.g. jpegs, word docs, pdfs).  This makes the email unmanageable in size.
  • Submissions can be accepted at any time for later listservs. Please specify when you want it to be sent.
  • Submissions are eligible for a single week’s listserv. Multiple weeks are not allowed for the same message. The same messages in the listserv week after week leaves the whole listserv stale.

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