Activities Night 2011- Message from VP Clubs and Services

Activities Night 2011- Message from VP Clubs and Services

Hi everyone – Thanks for your patience during this crazy time.

Activities Night is happening next Tuesday and Wednesday, from 4 – 8 PM (set up at 3 PM and take down from 8 – 9), barring any floods ( or further strikes (…

Here’s all the information you need to know:

1)      Attached is the table #’s list. Please check for your table # and remember it. Write it down!!!

2)      Attached also are the floor plans (Gerts, 2nd floor, 3rd floor) for the night. Please check to see where your table will likely be (they are approximate of course).

  1. Special cases:
    1.                                                           i.      Dance – you may organize amongst yourselves how to schedule the use of the Gerts stage. Please do NOT dance in front of your tables.
    2.                                                          ii.      Singing – I’m sorry but I couldn’t offer enough space to sing behind your tables, but maybe we can work something out once you guys get here.
    3.                                                        iii.      Our House Music, Players Theatre – you have your arrangements

3)      SPECIAL EQUIPMENT – I’m sorry but it was extremely impossible to arrange for everyone to be near an outlet. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring your own extension cords (and label them!!!) and any other equipment you may need. With the strike and lack of porters the equipment set up is going to be even more minimal than usual, so please keep that in mind.

4)      PASSES: You MUST come pick up your passes from the SSMU office (address in my signature below) on Monday from 9 – 5 or on Tuesday morning before 12 noon.

  1. a.       There are 4 colors: Please make sure you have 2 per each shift (per table you have) –

DAY 1 3 – 6 PM is BLUE,

DAY 1 6 – 9 PM is RED,

DAY 2 3 – 6 is PURPLE,

DAY 2 6 – 9 PM is YELLOW.

You pick up all your passes at once, and then distribute them amongst your club members doing different shifts.

  1. b.      DO NOT FOLD THEM!!!
  2. c.       PLEASE GIVE THEM BACK when you switch your shift and/or at the end of your shift – we are trying to reuse them and be “sustainable.” There will be receptacles in the student lounge for this.
  3. d.      You will be switching shifts in the Student Lounge (1st floor of Shatner)
  4. e.      You cannot use a pass labeled “3-6 PM” to get into the building for the 6-9 PM shift.
  5. f.        Clubs MUST claim their table by 3:30 on each day otherwise their table will be given to the waitlist.
  6. g.       If clubs wish to enter the building without a pass, you must stand in line with the other attendees.

i.       Please remember to get the phone numbers of the other club members who are tabling so that you can switch shifts!

5)      ENTRANCES and EXITS:

  1. The MAIN ENTRANCE will be the point of entry for:

1.       1 DOOR CLOSEST TO CLUBS LOUNGE – Volunteers who are tabling

a.       You will enter and be escorted by volunteers to the Clubs Lounge. This walkway will be roped off.

b.      IMPORTANT: After club execs exchange passes, the SSMU will be collecting their passes in buckets/boxes to reuse next year.

2.       2 DOORS CLOSEST TO SSMU OFFICES – Attendees to the night

b.      The SIDE DOOR by Gerts will be the EXIT for EVERYONE (volunteers, attendees, tenants, etc.)

6)      Be a part of the A-Staff Team!

We are looking for a stellar A-Staff team to help set-up and organize all the clubs and services and control the flow of the crowd amongst other various duties. Go to this link to sign up!!

I think this covers it. Let me know if you have any questions and I will try to get back to you ASAP, but please note it’s a little hectic around here lately.

Please note that Activities Night is at capacity this year already and the waitlist is super long so feel lucky that you’re a club or service that got a table! It’s a privilege and use it wisely 🙂

All the best,

Carol (VP Clubs and Services) and Andrea (Activities Night Coordinator)

Carol Ellen Fraser

Vice-President (Clubs and Services) – Vice-président (Clubs et Services)

Students’ Society of McGill University – Association Étudiante de l’Université McGill

3600 McTavish, suite 1200 | Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H3A 1Y2

Tel: (514) 398-8944 | Fax: (514) 398-7490 | Cell.: (514) 463-0335

Activities Night is September 13 and 14! See you There!
Check the event out on facebook.

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