University Committees are Looking for Student Representatives!

University Committees are Looking for Student Representatives!

SSMU appoints students to more than 30 university committees. Many of the seats are filled by Student Senators by there are still many places for members-at-large. Below are the committees that are looking for representation:

  • Enrollment and Student Affairs Advisory Committee
  • Course Evaluation Advisory Group
  • Athletics Board
  • Counseling Service Advisory Board
  • Mental Health Service Advisory Board
  • Advisory Committee on International Students
  • Appeal Committee for Student Discipline and Grievances
  • University Admissions Appeals Committee
  • Advisory Committee on Students with Disabilities
  • Sustainability Projects Fund Working Group
  • Subcommittee on Undergraduate Student Advising

If you want gain experience working with different parts of the University and are eager to represent SSMU, send a short statement of intent to Please feel free to send any questions as well!

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