Volunteer for Frosh Street Teams

Volunteer for Frosh Street Teams

For the 3rd consecutive year, the SSMU is organizing Street Teams, foot patrols in the Milton-Parc neighbourhood (the area east of McGill downtown campus, bordered by Shebrooke, University, des Pins and St-Laurent) for the big nights of Orientation Week.

WHY?? Street Teams provide several important functions. They are resource people to help direct and answer questions for confused froshies still getting to know the area. They will also be available to answer questions from long-term residents and help sol

ve any problems that come up. Finally, they will help to keep the area as safe and friendly as possible for everyone!

HOW?? Street Teams will be located at some of the main intersections in the neighbourhood, and others will do walking patrols on the less busy streets. They will carry food, water, maps and important phone numbers to pass out to students who need them.

WHEN?? The nights of Aug 28 (Tuesday) and Aug 30 – Sept 2 (Thursday-Sunday). Shifts will be between 9 pm and 3 am at the latest.

WHO?? That’s why we need you! Any student at McGill can sign up for one or more shifts, and some long-term residents of the neighbourhood will participate as well.

If you would like to volunteer, please email external@ssmu.mcgill.ca with “Frosh Street Team” as the subject line.


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