Fair Trade Week on Campus (and at SSMU)

Fair Trade Week on Campus (and at SSMU)

It’s official, McGill is certified as a Fair Trade Campus when it comes to Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate, as per the criteria set by Fair Trade Canada. The Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) has supported this process and is proud to be celebrating this week along with the rest of campus. Until Friday, regular coffee will be served throughout the SSMU building (Shatner University Centre) for $0.99 per cup. This price is offered on most of the campus (though not Tim Horton’s or Second Cup). Here are the details for coffee in the SSMU building this week:

  • Bamboo Bol (located on the 2nd floor) is selling any size coffee at $0.99 + tax until Friday Sept 27;
  • Liquid Nutrition (1st floor) is selling any size Reunion Island Coffee at $0.99 + tax until Friday Sept 27;
  • La Prep (1st floor) is selling small and medium sized Rainforest Alliance coffee at $0.99 + tax until Friday Sept 27.

There’s lots of conversation about the merits of Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, and other certifications for coffee beans and other products. SSMU is not claiming Fair Trade is the be-all end-all of fairness and sustainable agriculture, but it is a good step. SSMU is proud to be part of the Fair Trade Campus certification celebrations this week and is working to make better choices when it comes to the food and other materials that move through the building and through activities of the SSMU. Check out what’s going on with sustainability at SSMU and at McGill.

Enjoy the brews!

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