A Safe and Secure University Centre

A Safe and Secure University Centre

Your Building, Your Money, Our Responsibility

At the University Centre acts of vandalism, theft and malicious intent are on the rise. Recently a sign has been destroyed and a fire alarm pulled for no reason. The cost of replacing the sign and paying the municipal fine will cost you thousands of dollars. Part of your student fee is spent maintaining the University Centre and when these acts occur, everyone pays. That means less money for services, less money for events, less money for your building.

If You See It, Report It

In order to maintain a safe and secure building, we need to work together as a team. If you see an act of vandalism, theft or malicious intent, please report it to us. If you see a security agent on the floor, report it to the agent immediately. If there is no agent around, please report the incident to the front desk in the SSMU office (3600 McTavish, Suite 1200). If the office is not open please report it to SSMU security via email at security@ssmu.mcgill.ca or via telephone at 514-398-5989.

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