Press Release: SSMU General Manager Vacancy

Press Release: SSMU General Manager Vacancy


The Students’ Society of McGill University is announcing the vacancy of the General Manager position.  The General Manager supervises the permanent staff members at the SSMU and is one of the centers of institutional memory within the organization.  The General Manager is responsible for providing input on long term planning and ensuring the day-to-day functioning of the society in areas including human resources and administration.

Jennifer Varkonyi, the previous SSMU General Manager, tendered her resignation at the end of August after 8 months of working at the SSMU and completed her last working day on September 29, 2015.  Jennifer has been working for the SSMU in her capacity as General Manager since January and led the organization through a variety of projects over the summer months.  Jennifer has been a valuable member of the SSMU team during her tenure and the SSMU thanks her for her contribution and leadership.  The SSMU wishes Jennifer all the best in her future endeavours.

The Executive Committee of the SSMU has begun the hiring process for a new General Manager and will be managing this hiring process throughout the course of the Fall Semester.

In the interim, all tasks and responsibilities formerly executed by the General Manager have been delegated among the President, the Vice-President (Finance and Operations), the Vice-President (Clubs and Services), and relevant permanent staff members until a suitable replacement can be found.   Given the importance of the General Manager position to the workings of the society and the increased workload associated with the delegation of these tasks, the vacancy of the position will undoubtedly place a strain on the executive team and the staff members of the SSMU.  Numerous measures have been put in place and exhaustive contingency planning has been conducted to ensure that despite these strains, the level of service to students will remain constant.

In the recruitment of the new General Manager, the Society will be working with Kenniff & Racine, an executive search firm specializing in the recruitment of senior level management, to ensure the selection of the candidate best for the position.  The process is expected to be ongoing through December 2015.

Questions about the vacancy of the position or the SSMU’s progress in the recruitment process can be directed to Kareem Ibrahim, President of the Students’ Society of McGill University.

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