SSMU Endorses QPIRG Existence Referendum

SSMU Endorses QPIRG Existence Referendum

On November 3, 2016, the SSMU Legislative Council endorsed a “Yes” vote for the Quebec Public Interest Research Group – McGill (QPIRG) existence question during the Fall 2016 referendum period.

QPIRG engages students in social and political issues through events such as Rad Frosh, offers resources and funding to student and community groups, and supports student initiatives related to environmental and social justice. QPIRG also runs the Community-University Research Exchange program, through which students can pursue research on behalf of community organizations, and provides Work Study jobs to students. You can learn more about QPIRG’s activities at

As QPIRG has been primarily student-funded since 1988, the renewal of QPIRG’s opt-outable fee of $5 per student per semester is necessary to ensure its continued existence. The SSMU encourages all McGill students to vote in support of QPIRG between November 3 to 8 at


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