Graduation Class Mosaic 2014-2015

Graduation Class Mosaic 2014-2015

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Agriculture-and-Environmental-Sciences Agriculture-and-Environmental-Sciences
Architecture  2014-2015 Architecture
Arts and Science Directly at BASIC  2014-2015 Arts-and-Science
Arts – East Asian Studies  Directly at AUS  2014-2015 Arts---East-Asian-Studies
Arts – Anthropology Directly at AUS 2014-2015 Arts---Anthropology
Arts – Art History and Communication Directly at AUS 2014-2015 Arts---Art-history-and-Communication
Arts – Economics Directly at AUS  2014-2015 Arts---Economics
Arts – Geography Directly at AUS  2014-2015 Arts---Geography
Arts – Industrial Relations Directly at AUS  2014-2015 Arts---Industrial-Relations
Arts – International Development Studies Directly at AUS  2014-2015 Arts---International-Development-Studies
Arts – Linguistics Directly at AUS  2014-2015 Arts---Linguistics
Arts – Middle Eastern Studies Directly at AUS  2014-2015 Arts---Middle-Eastern-Studies
Arts – North American Studies Directly at AUS  2014-2015 Arts---North-American-Studies
Arts – Political Science Directly at AUS  2014-2015 Arts---Political-Sciences
Arts- English Directly at AUS  2014-2015 Arts--English
Arts- History and Classical Studies Directly at AUS  2014-2015 Arts--History-and-Classical-Studies
Arts- Sociology Directly at AUS  2014-2015 Arts--Sociology
Dentistry Directly at MSS / DSS  2014-2015 Dentistry
Department of Languages, Literature, and Cultures Directly at AUS  2014-2015 Department-of-Languages,-Literature,-and-Cultures
Education EDUS*(When the Association pick them up)  2014-2015 Education
Engineering – Chemical Engineering Directly at EUS  2014-2015 Engineering---Chemical-Engineering
Engineering – Civil Directly at EUS  2014-2015 Engineering---Civil
Engineering – Electrical, Computer and Software Directly at EUS  2014-2015 Engineering---Electrical,-Computer-and-Software
Engineering – Materials Engineering Co-op Directly at EUS  2014-2015 Engineering---Materials-Engineering-Co-op
Engineering – Mechanical Directly at EUS  2014-2015 Engineering---Mechanical
Engineering – Mining Engineering Co-op Directly at EUS  2014-2015 Engineering---Mining-Engineering-Co-op
Environment Directly at MESS  2014-2015 Environment
French Language and Literature and Philosophy Directly at AUS  2014-2015 French-Language-and-Literature-and-Philosophy
Management Directly at MUS  2014-2015 Management
Medicine Directly at MSS  2014-2015-Medicine v2.png
Music MUSA*(When the association pick them up)  2014-2015 Music
Philosophy Directly at AUS  2014-2015 Philosophy
Physical and Occupational Therapy Directly at POTUS  2014-2015 SPOT
Psychology Directly at SUS  2014-2015 Psychology
Religious Studies Directly at AUS  2014-2015 Religious-Studies
Science – Anatomy and Cell Biology Directly at SUS  2014-2015 Science---Anatomy-and-Cell-Biology
Science – Applied Mathematics Directly at SUS  2014-2015 Science---Applied-Mathematics
Science – Biochemistry Directly at SUS  2014-2015 Science---Biochemistry
Science – Biology Directly at SUS  2014-2015 Science---Biology
Science – Chemistry Directly at SUS  2014-2015 Science---Chemistry
Science – Computer Science Directly at SUS  2014-2015 Science---Computer-Science
Science – Earth and Planetary Sciences Directly at SUS  2014-2015 Science---Earth-and-Planetary-Sciences
Science – Interdepartmental Honours Immunology Directly at SUS  2014-2015 Science---Interdepartmental-Honours-Immunology
Science – Mathematics Directly at SUS  2014-2015 Science---Mathematics
Science – Microbiology and Immunology Directly at SUS  2014-2015 Science---Microbiology-and-Immunology
Science – Neuroscience Directly at SUS  2014-2015 Science---Neuroscience
Science – Pharmacology and Therapeutics Directly at SUS  2014-2015 Science---Pharmacology-and-Therapeutics
Science – Physics Directly at SUS  2014-2015 Science---Physics
Science – Physiology Directly at SUS  2014-2015 Science---Physiology
Social Work SWSA*(When the association pick them up)  2014-2015 Social-Work
Women’s Studies Directly at AUS  2014-2015 Womens-Studies

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