Update Regarding COVID-19

Update Regarding COVID-19

Dear SSMU Members,

In light of the directives outlined by the provincial government and the McGill communication sent out today, offices located in SSMU-operated spaces, including the SSMU front office, 3471 Peel St. and 680 Sherbrooke St. buildings, will be closed along with the University for at least the next two weeks. SSMU Services and ISGs located in these spaces have been asked to temporarily suspend their services during this time in order to take preventative health measures for volunteers, students, and staff.

Services are a vital part of both volunteers’ and students’ lives on campus. They ensure that students are able to get home safely at night, have a place to talk about their emotional and mental health, and have access to an affordable, healthy lunch. Services also provide many students with a job on campus to support themselves and their dependents. We understand that the closure of these facilities will limit students’ access to support and will affect the wellbeing of volunteers, students, and staff alike; however, these precautions are being taken to proactively ensure the health and safety of everyone.

During this time, here are some alternative resources that can be provided for students seeking in-person support of the kind offered by our services:

WALKSAFE: McGill Security Services
Please note that students should utilize the night routes and contact McGill Security to for safe travel home.

SACOMSS: Montreal Sexual Assault Centre

Eating Disorder Resource and Support Centre & Peer Support Centre: access keep.meSafe

MSERT: Please call 9-1-1 for emergencies or 1-877-644-4545 for COVID-19 inquiries

Queer McGill: Montreal LGBTQ+ Community Centre

Union for Gender Empowerment: can be reached by e-mail at ugecollective@gmail.com

The SSMU President is in constant communication with the McGill administration regarding the situation and is bringing student concerns to their attention on a daily basis. SSMU permanent staff and executives will still be accessible via email and will continue to provide students with essential services.

The SSMU will be providing updates as the situation evolves. If you have any questions or concerns, please email the SSMU President at president@ssmu.ca.

Kindest regards,
Bryan Buraga / President | president@ssmu.ca
Madeline Wilson / Vice-President (University Affairs) | ua@ssmu.ca
Adam Gwiazda-Amsel / Vice-President (External Affairs) | external@ssmu.ca
Sanchi Bhalla / Vice-President (Internal) | internal@ssmu.ca
Sam Haward / Vice-President (Finance) | finance@ssmu.ca
Billy Kawasaki / Vice-President (Student Life) | studentlife@ssmu.ca

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