Update Regarding Yesterday’s Listserv

Update Regarding Yesterday’s Listserv


Following the recent recommendations announced yesterday by the federal government, we would like to amend and clarify what was written in yesterday morning’s listserv. The line regarding small gatherings was intended to highlight that our social ties and connections to family and friends remain important during this time. However, per the government’s guidance, it is recommended that everyone, when possible, remain at home and limit in-person interactions.

With these precautions, we can all still stay in touch with, and check in on, family and friends, whether it be through a phone call, text, social media, or email. Even if we can’t support each other in person, we can be there for each other, online and from afar.

Stay safe, stay indoors, and take care,

Sanchi Bhalla / Vice-President (Internal) | internal@ssmu.ca

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