Leisure Activity and Hobby Clubs

Leisure Activity and Hobby Clubs

Leisure Activity and Hobby Clubs

Learn to tango, play bridge, or share your love of board game? This is the place to be! Pick up a new hobby or skill in a fun and relaxed environment.

Cocoa & Cacao SSMU

We are McGill’s one and only chocolate club – a group of chocolate lovers dedicated to bringing joy in the form of chocolate to our student body. We host chocolate-themed events throughout the academic year, such as our annual Cacao70 Factory Tour, our Homemade Truffle Sale for Valentine’s Day, and our Make-Your-Own Hot Chocolate Bar.

McGill Gamers’ Guild

The McGill Gamers’ Guild caters to undergraduate and graduate students that share a love of board games and table top RPGs. The club meets twice a week, offering its members a flexible playing schedule and inclusive environment. New players are encouraged to join and learn new games alongside experienced players. The Guild has a large collection of board games and players are always welcome to bring their favorites.

McGill Students Chinese Brush Arts Club (MSCBAC)

McGill Students Chinese Brush Arts Club (MSCBAC) is a student organization at McGill University, aiming to introduce Chinese painting and calligraphy cultures on campus, provide guidance and training in the practise of Chinese fine arts, and build up multi‐cultural, communicative network for brush art lovers through various events.

MSCBAC presents three types of events and activities for everyone, namely weekly events for brush art lovers, weekly painting and calligraphy workshops, as well as special events for traditional festivals. The Executive Committee (EC) dedicates in providing an open and inclusive space for all students in McGill community.

McGill Students Culinary Society

Through the flavors, the textures,the smells,the sounds and the looks, all our five senses are involved in creating and appreciating a dish. Cooking is really a unique form of art, through which the everyday life becomes more elegant. We believe that people should be eating better foods and the best foods in the world are yet to be discovered.We strive to arouse enthusiasm on cooking and gastronomy among the McGill community and to provide opportunity to food enthusiasts to display their talents and meet friends.

Our activities include cooking workshops, themed potlucks, dinner mates pairing, screening of food documentaries/movies/videos, inventive snacks sales and many more exciting possibilities. Don’t hesitate to talk to us on Facebook or through email if there’s anything you want to ask/discuss/comment on. Join us if food is important for you, if kitchen means home to you and if eating is an experience, not a hassle, for you. Follow us on Instagram!

Learn more about the mandate and structure of the McGill Students Culinary Society in their club constitution.

McGill Students Knitting Club

Our club gives students an opportunity to come together with other students in the fiber arts community, mostly those who knit or crochet, and spend time together doing what they love. We also share our knowledge of knitting and crochet by teaching workshops to beginners. Our weekly meetings consist of us working on our projects, talking, giving each other advice, and de-stressing in general. It’s a very nice environment to be in, especially in the middle of a busy semester! We are open to other organizations (on and off campus) reaching out to us if they want to collaborate on events.

McGill Students’ Anime Club

McGill Students’ Anime Club promotes anime and manga Japanese subculture in McGill University by creating a network that allows members to discuss their shared interests in anime, manga, and related subjects. We support members in projects relevant to the nature of the club and encourage and foster participation in the broader anime and manga community.

McGill Students’ Blockchain Association

Blockchain at McGill is a student run educational non-profit raising awareness and fostering engagement in the field of Blockchain and related technologies. BAM accelerates its members and executives to become leaders in the industry by providing them with relevant experience and industry connections.

McGill Students’ Chess Club

The McGill Students’ Chess club’s goal is to promote chess on campus, by providing activities for players of all levels. Our main activity consists of weekly meetings on campus, during which anyone is welcome to play friendly games, solve problems on a demonstration board, or receive free tutoring from a member of our executive team.

McGill Students’ SocieTea

The McGill Students SocieTea is a student group founded upon a common interest for tea. The SocieTea provides a laid back social environment for members that wish to socialize whilst enjoying tea. We regularly run on-campus meetings and club electoral shenanigans as well as the occasional off-campus ones in various local tea stores. Feel free to drop by to meet new people and fellow tea enthusiasts! We are also official partners with the Concordia University Tea Enthusiast Association (CUTEA)!

McGill Wine Society

The wine world is a complicated and daunting place for beginner wine drinkers. Do the words Chardonnay, Merlot or Pinot Noir sound too complex, so you keep reaching for that bottle of Barefoot or Yellow Tail? This is a problem that many university students face, but the McGill Wine Society is here to solve this issue on campus. Our club was founded to help the confused college student learn more about wine, the wine industry and expand their knowledge of the beverage in a safe and inclusive environment of fellow wine enthusiasts. Cheers!

Redpath Museum Society

The RMS is a student led organization that collaborates with the Redpath Museum to perform outreach, tour guiding, and provide events for the general McGill and Montreal Public. RMS encourages students to become more involved in museumology, natural history and science initiatives.

Students’ Society of Hackers at McGill University (Hack McGill)

SSHMU (A.K.A Hack McGill) is McGill’s official hacker collective. We’re a community that celebrates, building, learning, and doing cool stuff with technology. It’s easy to get involved -just join our Facebook group, come to a hack-night, or, if you’re just starting out with programming, attend one of our tutorials. We also organize McHacks, an annual hackathon that happens in February here at McGill.

The Film Society

Formerly the Film Society, now Peel Street Cinema, we operate a theatre in the Cultural Studies house (3475 Rue Peel) every Tuesday evening and present a classic (or should-be classic) film with popcorn and a casual discussion afterwards for free. With many thanks to SSMU, we are stoked to show you some fantastic films.

Trivia Club

The McGill students’ trivia club provides a forum for McGill students who enjoy trivia to assemble and indulge their interest in trivia. We meet twice a week to practice and we attend tournaments in Ottawa, Toronto, Waterloo, and Chicago.

We primarily play Quizbowl, a competitive buzzer format featuring teams of four who race to answer long “pyramid” style questions and confer on three-part bonuses. Tournaments are played at a range of difficulties and players of all skill levels are welcome! A longer explanation of Quizbowl.

We are generously sponsored by the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU).

We usually meet every Monday and Thursday, 7-9 pm.