Leisure Activity and Hobby Clubs

Leisure Activity and Hobby Clubs

Leisure Activity and Hobby Clubs

Learn to tango, play bridge, or share your love of board game? This is the place to be! Pick up a new hobby or skill in a fun and relaxed environment.

Cocoa & Cacao SSMU

We are McGill’s one and only chocolate club, a group of chocolate lovers dedicated to bringing joy in the form of chocolate to our student body. We host chocolate-themed events throughout the academic year, such as our annual Cacao70 Factory Tour, our Homemade Truffle Sale for Valentine’s Day, and our Make-Your-Own Hot Chocolate Bar. This year (2020-2021) we will have virtual and distanced events such as online baking tutorials and delivered homemade care packages.

Gamers’ Guild

Come one, come all to the Gamers’ Guild of McGill university! Our club is a safe haven for all things board game – from tabletop rpgs to a classic deck of cards, we cater to your every gaming need. New players are more than encouraged to join and learn new games alongside experienced players. The Guild has a large collection of board games, though players are always welcome to bring their favourites. Our club is open to all students of McGill university, so come on down to the Gamers’ Guild (with your friends of course) and have an awesome evening of board gaming at its finest!

Lettuce Club

At Lettuce Club McGill, all members meet once a year and will have 10 minutes to eat an entire head of lettuce. Whoever eats the lettuce the fastest is dubbed the Head of Lettuce and organizes the meeting the following year.

McGill E-Sports Students’ Society

We’re the McGill Esports Student Association, we do everything from competitive esports to casual esports watching as well as hosting more casual events where people play esports together in a stress-free environment!

McGill Poker Studies Club

McGill Students Chinese Brush Arts Club (MSCBAC)

McGill Students Chinese Brush Arts Club (MSCBAC) is a student organization at McGill University, aiming to introduce Chinese painting and calligraphy cultures on campus, provide guidance and training in the practise of Chinese fine arts, and build up multi‐cultural, communicative network for brush art lovers through various events.

MSCBAC presents three types of events and activities for everyone, namely weekly events for brush art lovers, weekly painting and calligraphy workshops, as well as special events for traditional festivals. The Executive Committee (EC) dedicates in providing an open and inclusive space for all students in McGill community.

McGill Students Knitting Club

A relaxing space for knitters, crocheters and anyone interested in fibre arts to gather and explore the craft together! Club activities aim to be as stress/pressure free as possible, with weekly meetings that allow members to get together, chat and unwind from the daily grind while making progress to whatever project they happen to be working on at the moment. Attendance is not mandatory in the slightest, and members are free to attend every meeting or just one throughout the course of the semester. In addition to weekly meetings, the club also holds occasional beginner’s workshops for both knitting and crochet to teach members the basics so they have the tools to get started on their exploration of the world of fibre arts!

McGill Students’ Anime Club

The McGill Student’s Anime Club is a social club with the goal of bringing people together through a shared interest in anime and manga. We host weekly in-person and online events, ranging from screenings to games, workshops to outings. Above all, we want to make sure that everybody has a good time with us. Check out our Facebook page for details about upcoming events!

McGill Students’ Blockchain Association

Blockchain at McGill is a student-run educational non-profit organization that develops proof of concept blockchain projects, carries out relevant research in the field, and organizes events for the student body to learn more about the technology and industry. Our mission is to raise awareness and educate students about blockchain while accelerating its club members by providing them with relevant experience and industry connections. Our main goal this year is to network and collaborate with leading blockchain entrepreneurs in hopes to bridge the gap between academia and the industry. In addition, it is our goal to closely work with select leaders to facilitate the direction of our research and projects such that it will be mutually beneficial.

McGill Students’ Chess Club

The McGill Students’ Chess club’s goal is to promote chess on campus, by providing activities for players of all levels. Our main activity consists of weekly meetings on campus, during which anyone is welcome to play friendly games, solve problems on a demonstration board, or receive free tutoring from a member of our executive team.

McGill Students’ Mafia Club

The McGill Mafia Club is a social club open to anyone who wants to play or learn how to play the game “Mafia,” also known as Werewolf. Mafia is a social psychology game that pits the uninformed majority (villagers) against an informed minority (mafia). Villagers must guess who the mafia are among them while attempting to avoid being killed themselves.

In addition to playing mafia, we also play other related intrigue games such as One Night Werewolf, Two Rooms and a Boom, and The Resistance. There are usually snacks to go around during the meetings. Outside of our regularly scheduled gatherings, we host multiple social events a year like parties, ice skating, and laser tag to name a few. We’re open to anyone who would like to join. Come for a meeting and try it out!

Learn more about the mandate and structure of the McGill Students Mafia Club in their club constitution.

McGill Students’ SocieTea

A fun club where tea drinkers can gather to study, socialize, and drink tea.

McGill Wine Society

The wine world is a complicated and daunting place for beginner wine drinkers. Do the words Chardonnay, Merlot or Pinot Noir sound too complex, so you keep reaching for that bottle of Barefoot or Yellow Tail? This is a problem that many university students face, but the McGill Wine Society is here to solve this issue on campus. Our club was founded to help the confused college student learn more about wine, the wine industry and expand their knowledge of the beverage in a safe and inclusive environment of fellow wine enthusiasts. Cheers!

Peel Street Cinema

We are a student run cinema that shows free movies once per week during the semester. Come see your new favorite film!

Redpath Museum Society

The Redpath Museum Society (RMS) is a student-run organization that works with McGill’s Redpath Museum to provide outreach programs, museum tours and a variety of events for the McGill community and the general public. RMS members are united by their love of museology, natural history, science, and discovery. Through activities held every Saturday and Sunday, as well as special events like the Museum’s Nuit Blanche, the RMS also provides students with volunteering opportunities. We welcome anyone with similar passions to join our team of volunteers and help share knowledge with the community – all while building lifelong communication skills and earning diversified co-curricular experiences.

Students’ Society of Hackers at McGill University (Hack McGill)

HackMcGill is a group uniting the hackers, entrepreneurs and creatives of McGill through workshops, online collaborative hacker space, and our flagship event McHacks. McHacks is McGill’s largest annual student hackathon, and our 8th edition will be on January 29-31 2021, hosted online and streamed directly to your home. To help you prepare for McHacks and create that winning hack, we’ll be organizing workshops all fall semester. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn for important updates regarding McHacks, our workshops, and our online hacker space!

Trivia Club

The McGill trivia club provides a forum for McGill students who enjoy trivia to assemble and indulge their interest. We meet twice a week to practice and we attend tournaments in Ottawa, Toronto, Waterloo, and Chicago. We primarily play Quizbowl, a competitive buzzer format featuring teams of four who race to answer long “pyramid” style questions and confer on three-part bonuses. Tournaments are played at a range of difficulties and players of all skill levels are welcome! A longer explanation of Quizbowl: http://www.pace-nsc.org/what-is-quizbowl-a-primer-and-faq-for-newcomers/ We usually meet every Monday and Thursday, 7-9 pm