Leisure Activity and Hobby Clubs

Leisure Activity and Hobby Clubs

Leisure Activity and Hobby Clubs

Learn to tango, play bridge, or share your love of board game? This is the place to be! Pick up a new hobby or skill in a fun and relaxed environment.

Book Club

The Book Club seeks to connect McGill students who love books and reading! We decide collectively on books to read, covering a wide variety of genres and forms, and meet up to discuss them every few weeks. We also facilitate online discussion, used book exchanges, and occasionally coordinate special events like trips to book signings.

Cocoa & Cacao SSMU

We are SSMU’s Official Chocolate Club and we have a ton of event during the year that all have a chocolate component to them. We have our welcome party (info to come) with chocolate foods, social events, food outings, workshops where you can learn how to make a certain food or dessert and many more. We try to have one event every month just so everyone can satisfy their chocolate cravings.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of Cocao and Cacao in their club constitution.

Etiquette Impression Culture

EIC helps students to enhance confidence and professionalism by organizing various workshops on personal image and etiquette.
We have previously provided students with workshops on interview manner, formal dining etiquette, basic makeup and etiquette-related cultural events such as Korean dinning.
Follow us on Facebook or contact us if you have any questions.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of the Etiquette Improvement Club in their club constitution.

Gamers’ Guild

Gamers’ Guild hosts game nights for board games, card games, and tabletop RPGs. If you’re looking for people into Game of Thrones, Dominion, Risk, Diplomacy, D&D, 7 Wonders, Settlers of Catan, and many, many other games, you’ve found the right club! We meet Thursdays and Fridays, starting at 6pm (though you can come whenever you like after 6), in room 427 in the SSMU building. Feel free to come as often as you want. All levels of experience are welcome.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of the Gamers’ Guild in their club constitution.

McGill E-Sports Students’ Society

We at McGill E-Sports Students Association run community events for those interested in spectating or competing in the leading e-sports of today. This includes viewing parties, intramurals, tournaments, LAN events, collegiate leagues and much more. If you’ve ever played a competitive video game or watched a tournament on twitch.tv, our club has something for you!

Learn more about the mandate and structure of the McGill E-Sports Students’ Society in their club constitution.

McGill Students Bridge Club

The Bridge Club was founded in August 200,5 and generally meets once a week for relaxed, friendly games. New players are always welcome to drop by at any of our meetings to pick up the basics and start playing. Of course, new members of any level are also always welcome.

In addition to our weekly meetings we hold other events such as teaching sessions for new players to learn how to play the game or for everyone to improve their bidding and play of the cards, as well as duplicate bridge tournaments. To receive reminders of our weekly meetings and information about any of our other events, please join our mailing list by sending an email to:

Learn more about the mandate and structure of the McGill Students Bridge Club in their club constitution.

McGill Students Culinary Society

mscs_logoThrough the flavors,the textures,the smells,the sounds and the looks, all our five senses are involved in creating and appreciating a dish. Cooking is really a unique form of art, through which the everyday life becomes more elegant. We believe that people should be eating better foods and the best foods in the world are yet to be discovered.We strive to arouse enthusiasm on cooking and gastronomy among the McGill community and to provide opportunity to food enthusiasts to display their talents and meet friends. Our activities include cooking workshops, themed potlucks, dinner mates pairing, screening of food documentaries/movies/videos, inventive snacks sales and many more exciting possibilities. Don’t hesitate to talk to us on Facebook or through email if there’s anything you want to ask/discuss/comment on. Join us if food is important for you, if kitchen means home to you and if eating is an experience, not a hassle, for you.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of the McGill Students Culinary Society in their club constitution.

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McGill Students Flintknappers Club

12628582_10153367819358317_1837374906891464946_oFlint knapping is a form of experimental archaeology, and also an art form practiced by hobbyists.

We use copper billets to flake away stone (mostly obsidian, dacite and chert) to create all sorts of tools: arrowheads, letter openers, paper weights, and icebreakers.

Whether you’re interested in recreating bifacial hand-axes, getting to know different types of rocks, meeting new people, or simply looking to blow off some steam by learning a new craft, come join us for a session of (strategic) rock-banging.

All levels are welcome with zero commitment required. We meet in the basement of Peterson Hall, right next to the SSMU building once a week. Check our Facebook for times/days.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of McGill Students Flintknappers Club in their club constitution.

McGill Students Knitting Club

The McGill Students Knitting Club hosts weekly meetings and several beginners workshops during the semester. We welcome knitters and crochets of all skill level, from complete beginners to yarn aficionados. Teachers are present at almost all weekly meetings to teach or help other members. Materials are provided for beginners, and we are more than happy to help you grow your yarn stash.
Our goal is to provide a space for creative minds to come together, share their work, and hang out. We encourage our members to embrace their creativity and learn and practice new skills.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of the McGill Students Knitting Club in their club constitution.

McGill Students Mahjong Club

mahjonglogoWe meet up roughly twice a week to play mahjong, primarily Hong Kong or Japanese Riichi style, but we always love to learn new types! Whether you’re an expert or know nothing about the game, we’re always willing to teach new members and toss some tiles around.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of the McGill Students’ Mahjong Club in their club constitution.




McGill Students Wine Society

winelogoMcGill Students’ Wine Society is a SSMU club that provides opportunities for winemakers, local organizations and institutions as well as wine enthusiast to network, exchange information about wine and explore the culture, history, and economical aspects of the wine industry and its many branches.

The Club organizes informational and recreational events within as well as outside McGill relating to vinification (winemaking), viticulture, wine tasting and such wine-related activities.

Learn more about the McGill Students’ Wine Society’s mandate and structure in their club constitution.

McGill Students’ Anime Club

animcgillMcGill Students’ Anime Club promotes anime and manga Japanese subculture in McGill University by creating a network that allows members to discuss their shared interests in anime, manga, and related subjects. We support members in projects relevant to the nature of the cub and encourage and foster participation in the broader anime and manga community.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of McGill Students’ Anime Club in their club constitution.