Religion and Culture Clubs

Religion and Culture Clubs

Religion and Culture Clubs

Expand your horizons by learning about a new culture or get a taste of home with one of our many Religion and Culture Clubs!

Baltic Students Society (BSS)

The Baltic Students’ Society is a club at McGill University dedicated to celebrating the common history and culture of the Baltic countries.

We aim to:

  1. Maintain and celebrate the cultural heritage of the Baltic countries
  2. Create a positive space in which to address and discuss issues of Baltic culture, identity and contemporary Baltic life
  3. Reach out to Baltic communities in Montreal and elsewhere
  4. Create and spread awareness of Baltic cultures and societies within the McGill community

Bangladeshi Students Association (BSA)

The Bangladeshi Student Association (BSA) is a student group of the SSMU (Students Society of McGill University) committed to showcase the rich culture and history of Bangladesh both in McGill and to the Montreal community at large. This group is open to not just those who are Bengali, but also to those that have a love and appreciation for the country and it’s culture. Various events and activities shall be held throughout the year to promote BSA as well as to foster a vibrant Bangladeshi community on the McGill campus, leaving everyone involved with a plethora of fond memories.


Belgian Students’ Society (BSS)

The McGill Belgian Student Society has for mission to reunite all these Belgians and individuals with European interests to build meaningful and insightful relations through Belgian-oriented diplomatic, economic and social education and events.

The McGill Belgian Society’s vision is to build bridges between its members and individuals as well as organizations that are actively involved in Belgian – European diplomatic and economic missions in Canada. Effectively, our mission is the creation of a network connecting Belgian International students, Belgian Alumni from the world’s top universities and impactful Belgian leaders in different industries all through the development of our members. Through the organization of events, and prospecting for partnerships and contacts, students will have the opportunity to be involved in a professional environment acquiring vital skills for the future. Through these efforts, we hope to expand McGill students’ networking potential with Belgians in Belgium and abroad creating new opportunities and horizons for our members and their future professional and personal.



British Society McGill (BritSoc)

The British Society (BritSoc) is a student group of the SSMU (Students’ Society of McGill University) whose purpose is to provide an atmosphere where British students can feel at home as well as to educate the wider Montreal community about Great Britain. This group is open to not just those who are British, but also to those that have a love and appreciation for the great country and would like to learn more about its culture. Various events and fundraisers shall be held throughout the year to promote BritSoc as well as to foster a vibrant British community on the McGill campus. 

Learn more about the mandate and structure of the British Society McGill (BritSoc) in their club constitution.

Caribbean Students Society of McGill University (CSS)

We are a culture club at McGill that seeks to promote, foster, encourage, share and celebrate Caribbean Culture in the McGill and Montreal communities.



Chabad at McGill (Chabad House)

Chabad at McGill aims to connect the McGill Jewish community with social programming, community building programming and opportunities to experience Jewish holidays and events.


Chinese Students and Scholars Association at McGill University

CSSA aims to provide Chinese students overseas with useful assistance to help them quickly adapt to the new learning and the living environment, as well as organize a variety of amazing events to enhance their overall experience both on and off-campus. Visioning itself as a progressive student community, not only does CSSA seek to increase recognition within the university, but also to amplify broader influence through actively undertaking its social responsibilities. In order to attain this long-term objective, CSSA is devoted to bridging its members with multiple well-known enterprises, NPOs, and local businesses. Nonetheless, as an inheritor of Chinese culture, CSSA is committed to make the world aware of the richness and uniqueness of the thriving Chinese cultural heritage and innovation by fostering better cultural connection, interaction, and exchange with students from other countries.



Egyptian Students Association

We are a group of Egyptian students at McGill University aiming to represent our rich culture and heritage on various levels, and to motivate the study body to be actively engaged as well as integrated in the community. We are a student group of the SSMU, an undergraduate students’ society at McGill University.

The Egyptian Students’ Association at McGill aims to:

  1. Gather the Egyptian students within McGill University.
  2. Help Egyptian students to integrate within the McGill environment.
  3. Organize and build social and cultural events representing the Egyptian culture and heritage.
  4. Enhance the relations between the Egyptian and non-Egyptian communities.

Hillel McGill

Hillel McGill is your one-stop shop for Jewish life on campus. Representing the vast and diverse Jewish community here at McGill, we offer a wide variety of programs, events, internships, and connection opportunities for everyone to take part in. From socials to Shabbat services, fashion to politics, Hillel’s vision is that every student is inspired to take part in Jewish life on campus!


Hong Kong Student Network

The Hong Kong Student Network strives to accommodate new students from all over the world and help them familiarize themselves with McGill and everything that is beautiful about it. We pride ourselves on being a Home Away From Home for everybody, and we whole-heartedly embrace the multiculturalism that Hong Kong is known for. We plan a wide variety of events, from singing competitions to ski trips, to get the student body involved. We hope that everyone who joins HKSN will have an awesome time and meet lots of new people!


Indian Students Association (ISA)

The Indian Students Association at McGill is a student-run organization that upholds Indian culture by celebrating various festivals throughout the year. The events are inclusive, unique, and energetic and will always leave you with a plethora of good memories. As the largest South-asian community on campus, the ISA aims to provide its members with a microcosm of rich Indian traditions. We are the bridge for anyone who wishes to get more involved with Indian culture, whether it’s through food, cinema, music or volunteer projects!



Japanese Students Association (JSA)

We are a student association based at McGill University that intends to:

1. Raise awareness of traditional and modern Japanese culture.
2. Create opportunities for both Japanese and non-Japanese students to practice and learn the language.
3. Aid students in finding opportunities to work or intern at Japanese companies or global companies based in Japan.
Raise funds for charities in Japan that support the well-being of the country e.g. the Tohoku relief.
4. Provide students with opportunities for socializing and involvement, through social events and volunteering, from which friendships and community are built.
5. Create a local Japanese community and Japanese Alumni network for the purpose of sharing information and resources.

We are a very diverse group of students and although some of our members are indeed Japanese, there are many non-Japanese members as well. Even though we have varying backgrounds, we all have a common interest in Japanese culture and language.


Korean Students’ Society

안녕하세요! Welcome to the McGill Korean Students’ Society (KSS), supporting Korean students at Mcgill University since 1980. We aim to build strong connections and provide warm support where all Korean students feel welcome. Our diverse activities and events will help students to have an exclusive campus experience. We’re here to assist all Korean students at McGill in integrating into the McGill community.

Instagram page
Linkedin page

L’Association des Étudiants Français de McGill

L’Association des Étudiants Français de McGill est une association étudiante qui souhaite mettre en avant la culture française à McGill et rassembler les étudiants par l’organisation de différents évènements. L’AEFM est également ouverte aux francophiles voulant découvrir la langue et la culture française. L’organisation d’évènements tels que des rencontres avec des figures politiques et économiques françaises installées au canada, des soirées à thèmes, et des rassemblements afin de supporter les équipes françaises à l’occasion de différentes compétitions sportives sera au coeur de notre activité.

Il tient à coeur à l’AEFM de rapporter à Montréal un petit bout de la France et à contribuer à son rayonnement à l’étranger !

L’Association des Étudiants Français de McGill is a student-run association that aims to celebrate French culture at McGill and bring French students and francophiles together through a variety of fun events.  These events will range from conferences with significant French economic and political figures established in Montreal to theme parties in clubs and supporting French teams in sports competitions together.

The AEFM wishes to bring a piece of France to Montreal and contribute to its influence abroad!

LinkedIn – Association des Étudiants Français de McGill – AEFM

Malaysian and Singaporean Students’ Association (MASSA)

The Malaysian and Singaporean Students’ Association of McGill (MASSA) aims to celebrate our cultures, connect members of the community, and foster an inclusive environment for all during events.

Historically, our events are themed around local celebrations (e.g., Deepevali and Chinese New Year). We often incorporate activities that remind us of memories back home and try to recreate the same atmosphere of authentic home-cooked local cuisine. We also provide a warm and accessible platform where members can meet and interact whilst keeping in touch with their roots. While we will continue this tradition, this year we plan on hosting networking events to build stronger connections between our members and alumni who come from Malaysia or Singapore.

MASSA continues to be an important avenue for students from our region to turn to when home is literally on the other side of the world. However, we are also open for anyone of any background to join!


McGill African Students Society (MASS)

The McGill African Students Society (MASS) is a full status club whose mandate is to promote and present the diverse and rich African cultures to the McGill community and the greater Montreal area. We are a diverse group of students who are not solely African but who are passionate about African-oriented topics. We host a range of events each semester, each targeting different facets of African culture and life, and hoping to spread knowledge and inspire passion about African culture and issues both on and off campus.



McGill Armenian Students Association (MASA)

McGill Armenian Students Association (MASA) aims to unite McGill students and advance multiculturalism and academic progress by promoting Armenian culture, heritage, and history. Through engaging cultural events, historical presentations, and charitable promotions, we hope to extend our wonderful culture with our fellow McGill students. MASA is not only for Armenians, and we welcome all students to join the club and take part in our events!

McGill Association of North American Born Asians (MANABA)

The McGill Association of North American Born Asians (MANABA) is a student-run organization that promotes and embraces Asian culture here at McGill. We are a diverse group of students with international backgrounds that hosts social events and creates a welcoming sense of Asian heritage. We are a home away from home.



McGill Chinese Students Society (MCSS)

MCSS, McGill Chinese Students’ Society is the largest and most influential cultural student organization in Eastern Canada. With over 15 events per year and 40 years of history, we provide a variety of events to our over 1,500 active members and help our members succeed in school and life. Our short-term goal is to provide our students with valuable events to make their student life more meaningful, while our long-term goal is to motivate and encourage our students to give back to their community and excel academically by providing them with helpful services including seminars, lessons, and talks.

MCSS is a non-profit organization registered under the Students’ Society of McGill University. All our proceeds either go to charity or are used to provide our students with more valuable services. Our events range from largescale shows to career planning and information seminars. In addition, we organize dinner outings, networking opportunities and parties for our members.




McGill Christian Fellowship (MCF)

Member of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship of Canada, hosts (bilingual) Bible studies, prayer meetings, and larger group events for people of all faiths.


McGill Dharma Society

McGill Dharma Society (MDS) serves as the official campus representation for students belonging to Hindu and other Dharmic traditions. MDS provides community and resources for students of these faiths, as well as allows students of all backgrounds to collectively learn about and participate in our spiritual and cultural practices.


McGill Hellenic Students Association

The McGill Hellenic Student Association’s mission is to promote Hellenic culture by holding events which unify students of Hellenic descent, and those simply interested in our culture. By promoting an open atmosphere and propagating Hellenic culture, both ancient and modern, we intend to bring the true spirit of Neo-Hellenism to life amongst the members of our organization. Fuelled by a strong Greek spirit, we also hope to create and maintain a sense of community that will always strive to achieve excellence and is a great joy to participate in.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of the McGill Hellenic Students’ Association in their club constitution.



ICON is a Christian club at McGill open to everyone looking for a spiritual and social group. Our purpose is to offer a religious group on campus and to create a community that is friendly and welcoming to everyone. We encourage people to share opinions about their faith and develop enlightening discussions. We hope that through this, people learn more about the Christian faith, if they wish to do so. Meetings take place on a weekly basis at the Newman Centre of McGill University. Our club is very people-oriented, so not only do we go to dinner together on a weekly basis after our meetings, but we also offer various social activities throughout the semester in order to promote fellowship and introduce a fun side to spirituality. These events bring our members together and are instrumental in harboring a spirit of friendship at ICON.

McGill Iranian Student Association (MISA)

The McGill Iranian Student Association is a non-religious, non-political, and non-profit organization dedicated to hosting a variety of cultural and non-cultural events year-round and creating greater public awareness about the Iranian culture.


McGill Ismaili Students Association (ISA)

The McGill Ismaili Student Association is a club that helps welcome incoming Ismailis in Montreal to feel welcome and comfortable in the community. We have events to build and grow relationships within our religious community.


McGill Italian Student Society

McGill Koreans Educational and Cultural Association (MECA)

The McGill Koreans’ Educational & Cultural Association (MECA) has been providing academic support to students and promoting Korean culture on campus since 2011. As a SSMU-affiliated student group, we are committed to community engagement and involvement.



McGill Lebanese Students Association (LSA)

We operate to facilitate the integration of Lebanese students into the McGill environment and Montréal. We aim to represent, unite and promote the Lebanese Community through cultural, educational and social activities and introduce our culture to students of different nationalities and backgrounds.



McGill Polish Students’ Association (MPSA)

The McGill Polish Students’ Association (MPSA) is an initiative looking to:

1) Provide a source of social and cultural contact for McGill Polish Students (either being the roughly 50 international students from Poland that visit the university each semester or the hundreds full-time students identifying as Polish or of Polish descent);
2) Serve McGill students at large with a place to uncover more about Polonia or Polish language, culture, or history; and
3) Connect the greater McGill community with the little-known McGill affiliated Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences in Canada which has served the McGill and Polish-Canadian community since 1943. As a McGill affiliate all students at faculty at McGill can use its library free of charge.


McGill Sikh Students’ Association

We provide a positive and inclusive space for all Sikh students and organize events that are in line with Sikh spirituality and bring awareness around articles of faith, including turbans.


McGill Students Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF)

Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) is the official collegiate campus ministry program under SCOBA (the Standing Conference of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the Americas). Our mission is to support fellowships on college campuses, whose members experience and witness to the Orthodox Christian Church through community life, prayer, service to others and study of the Faith. Join us for bi-weekly discussions and Bible studies and hangouts as well as other special events including retreats, monastery visits, and fellowship events! When not meeting in person, join us on our Zoom calls! All are welcome! Email us to join our Listserv and to stay updated on our events and gatherings!

McGill Taiwanese Students’ Association (MTSA)

The McGill Taiwanese Students Association (MTSA) is the one and only Taiwanese student community at McGill University. Our main goal is to promote the most exciting and essential parts of Taiwanese culture and to forge a strong and open student society. While we pride ourselves yearly in our past and continuing commitments to our members and their interests, we hope this year to reinvent areas of this society by focusing on a unique, multicultural approach to our rich culture.


McGill Thaqalayn Muslim Students’ Association

The McGill Thaqalayn Muslim Students’ Association (TMA) grew out of a desire to provide a space for Muslim students, especially those who identify as Shi’i, to practice their faith and rediscover their values.

While we primarily are here to provide a space for Muslims, we are open to Muslims and non-Muslims of all backgrounds.

In the words of Imam Ali, فَإِنَّهُمْ صِنْفَانِ إِمَّا أَخٌ‏ لَكَ‏ فِي‏ الدِّينِ‏ وَ إِمَّا نَظِيرٌ لَكَ فِي الْخَلْقِ (they [people] are of two kinds, either your brothers in religion or one like you in creation).


McGill Ukrainian Students Association (MUSA)

The McGill Ukrainian Students’ Association (MUSA) represents a diverse group of students with a passion and interest in Ukrainian culture. We welcome students of all cultural and educational backgrounds. Each year we host a diverse number of events, from the traditional to the political, from cultural to the academic. At MUSA, we understand that youth has a key role in supporting the culture and sustaining the tradition. We are a group of individuals who cares about the past, present, and future of Ukraine and are passionate about our culture. We welcome any student or member of the community who shares our values, regardless of the motive.


McGill University Filipino Asian Students Association (MUFASA)

MUFASA stands for McGill University’s Filipino Asian Students’ Association. Our club was founded in 1997 and is in its 21st year running. MUFASA is for Filipinos and Non-Filipinos alike!

Our mission is to establish and create a network of Filipinos across McGill’s campus to educate and raise awareness of Filipino culture. We organize cultural fundraising events in support of different Filipino organizations -every little bit counts! Anyone can join: Filipinos, Non-Filipinos, Undergrad, Grad students!

Maligayang pagdating sa lahat! Welcome everyone!


McGill Vietnamese Students Association (MVSA)

Established in the 1970 and restarted again in 2014, MVSA was originally created to promote Vietnamese culture with fellow McGill students and the community at large. We also strive to share our wonderful food, values, and traditions with the McGill community and the population of Montreal. We hope to provide members with support, skills, and opportunities to make student life fun and rewarding at university. To achieve these goals, we offer multiple events throughout the year such as welcome back parties, bake sales, restaurant outings, cooking events, and our annual Tết in collaboration with the Montreal Vietnamese Community. In short, our mission is to build a strong community while having fun!

MVSA membership is open to everyone who is willing to learn about our heritage, culture, and traditions, or to anyone who simply wants to make new friends. There are no other requirements to be a part of this community!


Moroccan Students’ Society

Moroccan Students’ Society (MSS) is a student group of the SSMU dedicated to representing Morocco, spreading Moroccan culture, and helping underprivileged people in Morocco. We organize various events throughout the semester, so make sure to check out our social media to keep updated with our events.



Multi-Ethnic Student Alliance

We are a group of multi-ethnic students exploring our identity through events, food, music, and friendly discussions! If you have to pull out a family tree when people ask where you’re from, had trouble filling out the Census, or have never really thought about your cultural identity before – you’ve come to the right place. Besides celebrating our diverse backgrounds, we are also here to be a safe space where everyone can feel comfortable being their unique selves.


Muslim Students’ Association (MSA)

The Muslim Students Association (MSA) brings together Muslim students to provide resources, essential services, and educational tools needed to enhance their university experience. Through the services and events provided, the MSA aims to facilitate the spiritual and social growth of its members, as well as the larger McGill community, supporting diverse student needs.

Services provided include: weekly Jum’uah (Friday) prayers, a regularly maintained general prayer space, a student-run Islamic library, halaqas (religious knowledge gatherings), tajweed (Qur’an recitation) classes, social events, community and environmental activities, and the Youth Muslim Leadership Program.

Newman Catholic Students’ Society

The Newman Catholic Students’ Society is the Catholic student community of McGill University. Based out of the Newman Centre of McGill University, we seek to make our Christian faith alive through social activities and community life, faith formation and spiritual enrichment, charitable outreach and service, and a strong sense of friendship and fellowship among our members. We also enthusiastically collaborate with our brothers and sisters in other Christian and religious groups on campus. Finally, we are open for any student, regardless of their religious affiliation, to come hang out and take a break from the busy life of a student in a warm, comfy, and communal atmosphere.

Nordic Culture Club

Are you into ABBA’s music or Munch’s paintings? Curious about the concepts of hygge or fika? Fascinated by the Finnish language’s 15 grammatical cases? Or do you dream of visiting Iceland’s Blue Lagoon or Norway’s fjords? If so, this club is for you!

The McGill Students’ Nordic Culture Club (NCC) is a student group of the SSMU (Students’ Society of McGill University) whose purpose is to provide opportunities for students of all backgrounds to explore an interest in Nordic (Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish) culture. In addition to providing a welcoming space for anyone to learn about Nordic art, languages, holidays, and more, our events help students with existing ties to the Nordic countries to connect on campus. Join us for casual fika or for any of our special events throughout the school year!


Pakistani Students Association (PSA)

For more than thirty years, the Pakistani Students’ Association has committed itself to bringing the vitality and vibrancy of Pakistani life to the McGill community. Today, the organization is still fundamentally dedicated to three main objectives:

1. Educating the McGill community about what Pakistan, its culture, and its people have to offer to the greater world.
2. Establishing a forum to discuss political and social issues that directly involve Pakistan.
3. Creating a social fabric to connect students of all majors and interests through the experience and celebration of Pakistani culture.


Power to Change (P2C)

Power to Change – Students is a Christian student ministry that desires to help students like you take their next step towards Jesus, wherever you are in your faith journey. We want to see every student walking closer to Jesus and experiencing life in him.

As a SSMU club at McGill we meet on and off campus throughout the year, and are part of a bigger network of campus groups in Montreal. We continue to connect as a community and grow together through discipleship groups, prayer meetings, outreaches, socials, and weekly fellowship.

Use the “Connect Me” form to get in touch or get to know us and our events through Instagram and Facebook. We hope to see you soon!


Spanish and Latin American Students’ Association of McGill University (SLASA)

SLASA is a student-run organization based in Montreal, Canada since 1989. We serve as a social and professional network for the Spanish-Speaking and Latin students at McGill University.

Throughout the year, we organize many events and activities to celebrate and share our culture, promote the academic success of Spanish-Speaking McGillians, and integrate our members into the greater Montreal community. SLASA is an inclusive organization, and all are welcome to attend our events and participate in our discussions regardless of language, cultural background, or citizenship.

Syrian Students’ Association (SSA)

Welcome to the Syrian Students’ Association of McGill University! We are a non-profit student club under SSMU. We are a secular, apolitical club that is not affiliated with nor subsidized by any political party or religious group. Our events are open to everyone! 🙂

Our club’s mission can be summarized in 4 main articles:
1. Social mission: assist newly settled Syrians in Montreal by helping them with social integration and navigating available resources, from applying to University or finding language classes.
2. Humanitarian mission: support Syrian refugees, both locally and abroad, through supporting organizations that provide humanitarian relief and raising awareness on McGill campus about the Syrian refugee crisis and conflict.
3. Educational mission: empower Syrian youth by supporting organizations that offer educational resources.
4. Cultural mission: bring the Syrian community in Montreal together by holding cultural and social events.


Tamil Students’ Association of McGill (TAMill)

Tamil Students’ Association of McGill (TAMill)’s mandate is to promote Tamil culture, language, and customs! We strive to foster and strengthen unity and amity with other community organizations both within and exterior to McGill University.


Turkish Students Society of McGill University (TSSMU)

Turkish Students’ Society of McGill University is one of the largest student organizations in Montreal area and represents all Turkish students enrolled at McGill University. TSSMU was founded in 1994 with the goal to improve the student experience of Turkish students. We aim to make a beneficial impact through our events by establishing and enhancing student relationships within the McGill community as well as by fundraising for various causes. Every semester we donate a portion of our proceedings to a different charity in Turkey.