Religion and Culture Clubs

Religion and Culture Clubs

Religion and Culture Clubs

Expand your horizons by learning about a new culture or get a taste of home with one of our many Religion and Culture Clubs!

Baltic Students Society (BSS)

The Baltic Students’ Society is a club at McGill University dedicated to celebrating the common history and culture of the Baltic countries.

We aim to:

  1. Maintain and celebrate the cultural heritage of the Baltic countries
  2. Create a positive space in which to address and discuss issues of Baltic culture, identity and contemporary Baltic life
  3. Reach out to Baltic communities in Montreal and elsewhere
  4. Create and spread awareness of Baltic cultures and societies within the McGill community

Bangladeshi Students Association (BSA)

For multiple years now, the BANGLADESHI STUDENTS’ ASSOCIATION (BSA) McGill has been committed to serve as home in a foreign land for new students before they even board their flights to Montreal and to provide alumni with fond memories of friends and events to look back on. BSA commits itself to showcasing the rich and vibrant culture and history of Bangladesh both in McGill and to the Montreal community at large.

Check out our Instagram at @bsammcgill and our YouTube channel at BTV McGill!

British Society McGill (BritSoc)

The British Society (BritSoc) is a student group of the SSMU (Students’ Society of McGill University) whose purpose is to provide an atmosphere where British students can feel at home as well as to educate the wider Montreal community about Great Britain. This group is open to not just those who are British, but also to those that have a love and appreciation for the great country and would like to learn more about its culture. Various events and fundraisers shall be held throughout the year to promote BritSoc as well as to foster a vibrant British community on the McGill campus. 

Learn more about the mandate and structure of the British Society McGill (BritSoc) in their club constitution.

Bulgarian Student’s Association of McGill (BULSAM)

The Bulgarian Student’s Association of McGill (BULSAM) is a medium for those interested in the Bulgarian culture to learn more about the country and to form networks and relationships. We are involved in promoting the Bulgarian heritage, culture and customs through food sales, potlucks, language classes, workshops and the celebration of Bulgarian holidays. All funds collected through our activities are donated to SOS Children’s villages in Bulgaria, an organization dedicated to helping disenfranchised families in the country.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of Bulgarian Student’s Association of McGill (BULSAM) in their club constitution.

Caribbean Students Society of McGill University (CSS)

We are a culture club at McGill that seeks to promote, foster, encourage and celebrate Caribbean Culture in the McGill and Montreal Community. The CSS helps student members adjust to life in the university community, and promote the interests of students of this society in matters pertaining to the Caribbean. We are welcoming of all backgrounds and organize a number of engaging events throughout the year, often in collaboration with other Montreal universities.

Chabad House Student Society

Chabad at McGill’s website publicizes our events, and links our Chabad house with others. The website is a good way to learn more about our organization and contact our execs and community leaders.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of Chabad House (formerly L’Chaim Students Society) in their club constitution.

Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA)

McGill University Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA), is the only student community certified by the Chinese Embassy on campus, and it is the only cultural club dedicated mainly to students and scholars from Mainland China. The CSSA executive committee is comprised of 2 presidents, 8 vice-presidents, and around 30 executive members. Currently, it has evolved into one of the most influential non-profit student communities at McGill University, which consists of over a thousand active members, and almost 10k CSSA weekly newsletter subscribers.

CSSA aims to provide Chinese students overseas with useful assistance to help them quickly adapt to the new learning and the living environment, as well as organize a variety of amazing events to enhance their overall experience both on and off-campus. Visioning itself as a progressive student community, not only does CSSA seek to increase recognition within the university, but also to amplify broader influence through actively undertaking its social responsibilities. In order to attain this long-term objective, CSSA is devoted to bridging its members with multiple well-known enterprises, NPOs, and local businesses. Nonetheless, as an inheritor of Chinese culture, CSSA is committed to make the world aware of the richness and uniqueness of the thriving Chinese cultural heritage and innovation by fostering better cultural connection, interaction, and exchange with students from other countries.

Egyptian Students Association

We are a group of Egyptian students at McGill University aiming to represent our rich culture and heritage on various levels, and to motivate the study body to be actively engaged as well as integrated in the community. We are a student group of the SSMU, an undergraduate students’ society at McGill University.

The Egyptian Students’ Association at McGill aims to:

  1. Gather the Egyptian students within McGill University.
  2. Help Egyptian students to integrate within the McGill environment.
  3. Organize and build social and cultural events representing the Egyptian culture and heritage.
  4. Enhance the relations between the Egyptian and non-Egyptian communities.

Hong Kong Student Network (HKSN)

McGill Hong Kong Student Network is an organization founded in 2006, that connects McGill student body to the Hong Kong community for all purposes, including travel, entertainment and work. We plan a wide variety of events, from dim sum outings to ski trips, to get the student body involved.

Indian Students Association (ISA)

The Indian Students Association is a student-run organization that upholds Indian culture by celebrating various festivals throughout the year. These events are inclusive, unique and energetic and will always leave you with a plethora of good memories. The ISA aims to provide the Indian community at McGill University a microcosm of rich Indian traditions. With an emphasis on cultural diversity, we ensure the events allow anyone to learn more about the tapestry of the Indian tradition that has evolved in one of the most mystical countries.

We are the bridge for anyone who wishes to get more involved with Indian culture. Be it Indian food, music, dance, Bollywood or volunteer projects and provide a sense of home away from home.

Indigenous Student Alliance

The Indigenous Student Alliance provides integrative support for Indigenous peoples’ attending McGill University to connect and share our unique, authentic Indigenous ways of knowing with each other and with non-Indigenous peoples within the community. Our vision is to develop and maintain on-going networking and partnerships with University student groups and organizations through learning–teaching relationships that foster real and meaningful human development and community solidarity.

InterVarsity – McGill Christian Fellowship (MCF)

All are welcome to McGill Christian Fellowship (MCF), a community where students are invited to love one another and be loved by God. Through weekly Bible studies and fellowship-wide events, we encourage students to uncover what it means to serve others and follow Jesus, both on campus and in the greater Montreal community.

As part of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship of Canada, MCF gathers undergraduate and graduate students, in all their ethnic diversity, to grow in their relationship with God. Through prayer, worship, and fellowship, we are a community that walks by faith and seeks to make God known on campus.

Our community is open to people of all faith backgrounds and those who are interested in exploring faith for the first time.

Japanese Students Association (JSA)

We are a student association based at McGill University that intends to:

  1. Raise awareness of traditional and modern Japanese culture.
  2. Create opportunities for both Japanese and non-Japanese students to practice and learn the language.
  3. Aid students in finding opportunities to work or intern at Japanese companies or global companies based in Japan.
  4. Raise funds for charities in Japan that support the well-being of the country e.g. the Tohoku relief.
  5. Provide students with opportunities for socializing and involvement, through social events and volunteering, from which friendships and community are built.
  6. Create a local Japanese community and Japanese Alumni network for the purpose of sharing information and resources.
  7. We are a very diverse group of students and although some of our members are indeed Japanese, there are many non-Japanese members as well. Even though we have varying backgrounds, we all have a common interest in Japanese culture and language.

Malaysian and Singaporean Students’ Association (MASSA)

MASSA stands for the Malaysian and Singaporean Students’ Association. We are located and based at McGill University in the vibrant city of Montreal, Quebec (Canada). That being said, we are very multi-cultural and you are more than welcomed to join us even if you are not from Malaysia or Singapore, as long as you are interested in South East Asian culture, and food.

McGill African Students Society (MASS)

The McGill African Students Society (MASS) is a full status club whose mandate is to promote and present the diverse and rich African cultures to the McGill community and the greater Montreal area. We are a diverse group of students who are not solely African but who are passionate about African-oriented topics. We host a range of events each semester, each targeting different facets of African culture and life, and hoping to spread knowledge and inspire passion about African culture and issues both on and off campus.

McGill Armenian Students Association (MASA)

McGill Armenian Students Association (MASA) is a non-political association which aims at uniting McGill students through various social and cultural activities in an Armenian entourage and a relaxed setting.

We hope to give our members the opportunity to interact in a dynamic yet social environment whilst promoting awareness of Armenian heritage to students.

It should be stressed that we are not an Armenian-only club and are in fact completely open to all students of McGill who have an interest in our activities.

McGill Association of North American Born Asians (MANABA)

McGill Association of North American Born Asians, more commonly known as MANABA, is a non-profit, student-run organization under the Students’ Society of McGill (SSMU) based at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Beyond representing the fusion of Asian and North-American culture, MANABA celebrates people of all ethnicities and backgrounds. Through events, MANABA hopes to bring the young and lively Montreal community together.

McGill Chinese Students Society (MCSS)

MCSS, McGill Chinese Students’ Society is the largest and most influential cultural student organization in Eastern Canada. With over 15 events per year and 55 years of history, we provide a variety of events to our over 1,500 active members and help our members succeed in school and life. Our short-term goal is to provide our students with valuable events to make their student life more meaningful, while our long-term goal is to motivate and encourage our students to give back to their community and excel academically by providing them with helpful services including seminars, lessons, and talks. Our past events have included ski trips, casino nights, semi-formals, city-wide races to many more. Join us this year for even more excitement and fun!

McGill Hellenic Students Association

The McGill Hellenic Student Association’s mission is to promote Hellenic culture by holding events which unify students of Hellenic descent, and those simply interested in our culture. By promoting an open atmosphere and propagating Hellenic culture, both ancient and modern, we intend to bring the true spirit of Neo-Hellenism to life amongst the members of our organization. Fuelled by a strong Greek spirit, we also hope to create and maintain a sense of community that will always strive to achieve excellence and is a great joy to participate in.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of the McGill Hellenic Students’ Association in their club constitution.

McGill Hillel Jewish Student Society

Hillel McGill is your one-stop shop for Jewish life on campus. Representing the vast and diverse Jewish community here at McGill, we offer a wide variety of programs, events, internships, and connection opportunities for everyone to take part in. From socials to Shabbat services, fashion to politics, Hillel’s vision is that every student is inspired to take part in Jewish life on campus!

McGill Iranian Student Association (MISA)

The McGill Iranian Student Association is a non-religious, non-political, and non-profit organization dedicated to hosting a variety of cultural and non-cultural events year-round and creating greater public awareness about the Iranian culture.

McGill Ismaili Students Association (MISA)

The McGill Ismaili Student Association (MISA) is a group reaching out to all Ismaili students that attend McGill University. The clubs objective is to bring the Ismaili community together in order to create a family like atmosphere. In order to achieve this goal the group is committed to providing members with various events such as our annual ski trip. With various events, we hope to achieve a sense of unity.

McGill Italian Student Society

McGill Koreans’ Educational and Cultural Association (MECA)

The McGill Koreans’ Educational & Cultural Association has been promoting Korean culture on campus and supporting students academically since 2011. We have a large focus on engagement and involvement; our annual Faculty Meet-Up provides opportunities for students to expand their network and strengthen their leadership, while our cultural events, such as Discover Korea, allow students of any background to gain insight into Korean history and culture. We also host summer send-offs, campus tours, and welcome parties to ensure that new members of the community are well-acquainted with life at McGill.

McGill Lebanese Students Association (LSA)

We operate to facilitate the integration of Lebanese students into the McGill environment and Montréal. We aim to represent, unite and promote the Lebanese Community through cultural, educational and social activities and introduce our culture to students of different nationalities and backgrounds.

McGill Mauritian Students Association (MMSA)

McGill Mauritian Students Association (MMSA) is a non-profit student-run group whose aim is to share the vibrant culture of Mauritius with students within and outside the McGill community.

Mauritius is a small island-State in the Indian Ocean, East of Madagascar. Mauritius has a highly diversified population with people from African, Chinese, Muslim, and Indian origin (among others) living peacefully as one people.

Join MMSA to take part in our events, from game nights to gastronomical excursions in Montreal.

McGill Mexican Students’ Association (MMSA)

We are non-exclusive, cultural organization focused on promoting Mexican heritage within McGill’s already multicultural community. Through guest lectures, networking events and other educational experiences, we would like to promote various aspects of Mexican culture, as well as provide fellow McGillian’s with professional opportunities in Mexico.

McGill Polish Students’ Association (MPSA)

The McGill Polish Students’ Association (MPSA) gives a place for students to meet who are either from Poland, of Polish background, or interested in Polish history and culture. The MPSA is also partnered with the McGill affiliated Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences in Canada, which looks to promote Polish history and culture in Canada.

Everybody is welcome to our events!

McGill Romanian Students’ Society (MRSU)

A club for anyone who loves Romania or Romanian culture! Our purpose is to bring students together on the basis of a mutual culture, promote Romanian culture, create a network of Romanian students and to help new Romanian students integrate into the University.

We host fun events regularly so check us out if you want to meet some awesome people!

McGill Russian Speaking Students’ Association (MRSSA)

McGill Russian Speaking Students’ Association (MRSSA) is a Student Group of the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU).

Its purpose is to provide opportunities to learn more about Russian and other CIS countries’ culture on campus through various educational and leisurely events, to create a friendly and open atmosphere for discussions, to bring together native speakers and language learners.

McGill Sikh Students’ Association

The Sikh Students’ Association aims to provide opportunities and a forum in which young Sikhs can discuss their ideas and/or dilemmas with others who may be going through similar things. In addition, we promote the awareness of global issues that are currently occurring and provide easy access to information on how people can help, including information on other clubs of McGill.

We raise funds for charities related and not related to Sikhism. Finally, the club seeks to raise awareness about Sikhism by holding events that relate to the religion but are also enjoyable to all

McGill Slavic Club

As the Slavic club, our goal is to create an inclusive environment, educate students on our cultures, and host fun, diverse events! Come tell us your favorite superstition, bring out your adidas tracksuit and show us your best slav squat! And of course don’t forget to find us on campus to satisfy those slav food cravings.

No matter what background you have or what language you speak, as long as you are slav at heart, come join us! As a SSMU and cultural club, diversity, equality, and honesty are key qualities we adhere to.

McGill Student Chinese Debate Club

McGill Student Chinese Debate Club (MSCDC) is devoted to Mandarin debating. We participate in North American Chinese debating. We are an organization where students can receive regular professional debating training and gain opportunities of a number of large-scale debating competition. We provide the platform for students with the same interest to communicate and practice.

For the past summer, we won the first place in the Canadian division of the Chinese Debate World Cup. As a result, we represented Canada in the final competitions of the World Cup, and was listed as one of the top 16 schools.

McGill Students Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF)

Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) is the official collegiate campus ministry program under SCOBA (the Standing Conference of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the Americas). Our mission is to support fellowships on college campuses, whose members experience and witness to the Orthodox Christian Church through community life, prayer, service to others and study of the Faith.

Join us for bi-weekly discussions and Bible studies and weekly coffee hangouts as well as other special events including retreats, monastery visits, and fellowship events! All are welcome! Email us to join our Listserv and to stay updated on our events and gatherings!

McGill Taiwanese Students’ Association (MTSA)

The McGill Taiwanese Students’ Association (MTSA) is the one and only Taiwanese student community at McGill University. Our main goal is to promote the most exciting and essential parts of Taiwanese culture and to forge a strong and open student society. While we pride ourselves yearly in our past and continuing commitments to our members and their interests, we hope this year to reinvent areas of this society by focusing on a unique, multicultural approach to our rich culture. Follow us on Instagram!

McGill Thaqalayn Muslim Students’ Association

The McGill Thaqalayn Muslim Students’ Association (TMA) grew out of a desire to provide a space for Muslim students, especially those who identify as Shi’i, to practice their faith and rediscover their values. We hold special programs for Islamic occasions, arrange lectures and panels, network with other Muslim and non-Muslim clubs to host collaborative events, and most importantly, provide an environment for Shi’i students to interact and discover a sense of community.

Learn more about our mandate and structure in our club constitution.

McGill Ukrainian Students Association (MUSA)

The McGill Ukrainian Students’ Association (MUSA) represents a diverse group of students with a passion and interest in Ukrainian culture. We welcome students of all cultural and educational backgrounds. Each year we host a diverse number of events, from the traditional to the political, from cultural to the academic. At MUSA, we understand that youth has a key role in supporting the culture and sustaining the tradition. We are a group of individuals who cares about the past, present and future of Ukraine and are passionate about our culture. We welcome any student or member of the community who shares our values, regardless of the motive.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of the McGill Ukrainian Students’ Association (MUSA) in their club constitution.


McGill University Filipino Asian Students Association (MUFASA)

MUFASA stands for McGill University’s Filipino Asian Students’ Association. Our club was founded in 1997 and is in its 21st year running. MUFASA is for Filipinos and Non-Filipinos alike!

Our mission is to establish and create a network of Filipinos across McGill’s campus to educate and raise awareness of Filipino culture. We organize cultural fundraising events in support of different Filipino organizations -every little bit counts! Anyone can join: Filipinos, Non-Filipinos, Undergrad, Grad students!

Maligayang pagdating sa lahat! Welcome everyone!

McGill Vietnamese Students Association (MVSA)

Founded in the 1970s as Hội Sinh Viên, the McGill Vietnamese Students Association (MVSA) has been active and strong for over 25 years! Temporary dissolved in the mid 2000s, MVSA has come back in full strength in 2014!

As one of the most dynamically cultural and social clubs on campus, MVSA is here to help you make the most of your university experience!

Muslim Students’ Association (MSA)

The Muslim Students Association (MSA) brings together Muslim students to provide resources, essential services, and educational tools needed to enhance their university experience. Through the services and events provided, the MSA aims to facilitate the spiritual and social growth of its members, as well as the larger McGill community, supporting diverse student needs.

Services provided include: weekly Jum’uah (Friday) prayers, a regularly maintained general prayer space, a student-run Islamic library, halaqas (religious knowledge gatherings), tajweed (Qur’an recitation) classes, social events, community and environmental activities, and the Youth Muslim Leadership Program.

Newman Students’ Society

Through our vibrant spiritual and social life, we seek to grow in the love of Jesus and spread the joy of his Gospel to the McGill University campus and beyond in a spirit of friendship and service. Inspired by the legacy of Cardinal John Henry Newman, we strive to provide a point of intersection between our lives as students and our lives as Christian disciples.

Organisation de la Francophonie à McGill

L’Organisation de la Francophonie à McGill (OFM) fédère l’ensemble des communautés francophones de l’Université McGill.

À tous les ans, l’OFM initie différents événements socio-culturels, rencontres, sorties culturelles, groupes de discussion et plus encore !

L’OFM s’assure aussi que les étudiants francophones soient représentés adéquatement auprès de l’administration.

Nous avons également pour mandat de permettre aux étudiants internationaux de découvrir la francophonie et de faciliter leur apprentissage du français. L’OFM accompagne donc les nouveaux étudiants de McGill, francophones ou non, afin de faciliter leur intégration et de contribuer au succès de leur expérience étudiante à Montréal.

En fait, une part substantielle des élèves de l’université McGill est francophone, puisqu’on y accueille des étudiants québé et canadien.nes, mais également belges,, caribé, nord-africain.e.s, suisses., franç,, vietnamien.nes et de partout à travers la Francophonie !

Pakistani Students Association (PSA)

A club full of life and joy – PSA McGill has been the colourful picture of Pakistani people at McGill and the greater Montreal community. We promise you an experience like no other. Whether you are interested in politics or meeting more like minded Pakistanis, we have something for everyone. If you jump for joy when you hear the words biryani or cricket, then you have come to the right place. PSA McGill has a long standing history of making new Pakistani students feel at home. We believe in creating a forum where anyone can speak about issues that are important to them, we have facilitated debates on numerous topics ranging from political to social issues related to Pakistan.

For more than thirty years, the Pakistani Students’ Association has committed itself to bringing the vitality and vibrancy of Pakistani life to the McGill community. Today, the organization is still fundamentally dedicated to three main objectives:

1) Educating the McGill community about what Pakistan, its culture, and its people have to offer to the greater world.
2) Establishing a forum to discuss political and social issues which directly involve Pakistan.
3) Creating a social fabric to connect students of all majors and interests through the experience and celebration of culture.

In addition, we also believe in having fun and because of that we have hosted Eid brunches, BBQ’s, movie nights, cricket leagues and our most popular annual formal. Contact any of our execs for more information and make sure to come say Hi at our next event!

So come along and sign up to be a member of one of the best organizations at McGill!

Power to Change (P2C)

We are ordinary people seeking to make sense of life in light of Jesus and His very good news. Most of all, we want you to experience Jesus’ joyful and hopeful life with a diverse community of friends. We’re all about seeing students like you take their next step towards Jesus, regardless of where we’re each starting from. Even during this pandemic, we are still seeking to learn together as we study the Bible and engage with relevant topics, reach out to our campus, and build a community of prayer, worship, and fun. Get connected with us online through our Facebook or Instagram page @ Power to Change – McGill and feel free to send us a message to learn more!

Spanish and Latin American Students’ Association of McGill University (SLASA)

SLASA is a student-driven organization based in Montreal, Canada. We serve as a social and professional network for the Spanish and Latin American students at McGill University where we have been active since 1989. Throughout the year, we organize many events and activities to celebrate and share our culture as well as to promote the academic success of Spanish-speaking McGillians and integrate our members into the greater Montreal community.

SSMU – Israel on Campus (IOC)

Israel on Campus at McGill (IOC) is McGill University’s one stop shop for everything Israel-related. We are a diverse group of students who share an interest and passion for Israeli culture and society. IOC brings the spirit of Israel to campus through events, talks, and other programming initiatives.

St. Cyril Coptic Orthodox Association (ICON)

ICON is a Christian club. We have around 20 regular attendees. Our purpose is to offer a religious group on campus and to create a community that is friendly and welcoming to everyone. We encourage people to share opinions about their faith and develop enlightening discussions. We hope that through this, people learn more about the Christian faith, if they wish to do so. Meetings take place at a weekly basis in the Newman Center. We offer various kinds of activities throughout the semester that are both spiritual and secular as well.

Syrian Students’ Association (SSA)

The Syrian Students’ Association of McGill is a student group of the SSMU, an undergraduate student society at McGill University. We are a secular, apolitical club that is not affiliated with nor subsidized by any political party or religious group. Our club’s mission can be summarized in 4 main articles:

  1. Social mission: assist newly settled Syrians in Montreal by helping them with social integration and navigating available resources, from applying to University or finding language classes.
  2. Humanitarian mission: support Syrian refugees, both locally and abroad, through supporting organizations that provide humanitarian relief and raising awareness on McGill campus about the Syrian refugee crisis and conflict.
  3. Educational mission: empower Syrian youth by supporting organizations that offer educational resources.
  4. Cultural mission: bring the Syrian community in Montreal together by holding cultural and social events.

Tamil Students’ Association of McGill (TAMill)

Tamil Students’ Association of McGill (TAMill)’s mandate is to promote Tamil culture, language and awareness within the McGill Community, foster and strengthen unity and amity with other community organizations both within and exterior to McGill University, and to help voice the concerns of marginalized and oppressed communities worldwide.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of the Tamil Students’ Association of McGill (TAMill) in their club constitution.

The Korean Students Society (KSS)

The Korean Students Society (KSS) is the official student association dedicated to Korean students within McGill. We aim to assist Korean students in building connections and help integrate new students into the McGill community.

Turkish Students Society of McGill University (TSSMU)

Turkish Students’ Society of McGill University is one of the largest student organizations in Montreal area and represents all Turkish students enrolled at McGill University. TSSMU was founded in 1994 with the goal to improve the student experience of Turkish students. We aim to make a beneficial impact through our events by establishing and enhancing student relationships within the McGill community as well as by fundraising for various causes. Every semester we donate a portion of our proceedings to a different charity in Turkey.