Religion and Culture Clubs

Religion and Culture Clubs

Religion and Culture Clubs

Expand your horizons by learning about a new culture or get a taste of home with one of our many Religion and Culture Clubs!

Arab Students Association (ASA)

Since 1962, the Arab Students’ Association has been proudly representing the Arab world at McGill University. We are the Arab experience at McGill; through cross cultural exchange, all students have the opportunity to experience our culture and heritage.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of the Arab Students Association (ASA) in their club constitution.

Association for Baha’i Studies at McGill University

The McGill Association for Baha’i Studies (MABS) hosts weekly deepenings, discussions, and professor talks at which we study different virtues and morals and how they can create meaningful change for society. MABS strives to promote unity on campus among the entire student body, and promotes a healthy balance between educational and spiritual endeavors.

Learn more about the Association for Baha’i Studies’s mandate and structure in their club constitution.

Baltic Students Society (BSS)

fullsizerenderThe Baltic Students’ Society promotes and celebrates the cultural heritage of the Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia). Our biggest event of the year is the Potato Party!!

Learn more about the Baltic Students’ Society’s mandate and structure in their club constitution.

Bangladeshi Students Association (BSA)

8847_201489826672157_507861638_nFestive, vibrant and a hub for foodies all over, we, the Bangladeshi Student’s Association (BSA) is your home away from home. We are an on-campus student organized club, bringing a kaleidoscope of culture and personality all the way from the hustle and bustle of Bangladesh to le Ville de Montréal.
We aim to integrate our culture with people of all backgrounds and ethnicities and showcase our country to Montreal and beyond.

Learn more about the Bangladeshi Students Association’s mandate and structure in their club constitution.

British Appreciation Society (BAS)

bac_logo_colorThe seeds of the BAS were sown when Alice Rozwadowski met Henry Wardley, two Brits in a North American world. They decided to form a British Society at McGill, a society that would include fellow Brits who missed the comforting accent of home in a land of “zucchini” and “eggplant” (courgette and aubergine people!) as well as those who were simply interested in British culture and wanted to know more. Along the way they recruited the remaining execs and in the autumn of 2010, the BAS began in earnest. Famous now in McGill for its quiz nights, events and inclusive nature.

Learn more about the British Appreciation Society’s mandate and structure in their club constitution.

Bulgarian Student’s Association of McGill (BULSAM)

The Bulgarian Student’s Association of McGill (BULSAM) is a medium for those interested in the Bulgarian culture to learn more about the country and to form networks and relationships. We are involved in promoting the Bulgarian heritage, culture and customs through food sales, potlucks, language classes, workshops and the celebration of Bulgarian holidays. All funds collected through our activities are donated to SOS Children’s villages in Bulgaria, an organization dedicated to helping disenfranchised families in the country.

Caribbean Students Society of McGill University (CSS)

cssWe are a culture club at McGill that seeks to promote, foster, encourage and celebrate Caribbean Culture in the McGill and Montreal Community. The CSS helps student members adjust to life in the university community, and promote the interests of students of this society in matters pertaining to the Caribbean. We are welcoming of all backgrounds and organize a number of engaging events throughout the year, often in collaboration with other Montreal universities.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of the Caribbean Students’ Society in their club constitution.

Chabad House Student Society

64989_320183454698148_1099987950_nChabad at McGill’s website publicizes our events, and links our Chabad house with others. The website is a good way to learn more about our organization and contact our execs and community leaders.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of Chabad House (formerly L’Chaim Students Society) in their club constitution.

Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA)

cssa_logoMcGill University Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA), is the only student community certified by the Chinese Embassy on campus, and it is the only cultural club dedicated mainly to students and scholars from Mainland China. CSSA aims to provide Chinese students overseas with useful assistance to help them quickly adapt to the new learning and the living environment, as well as organize a variety of amazing events to enhance their overall experience both on and off campus. As an inheritor of Chinese culture, CSSA is committed to make the world aware of the richness and uniqueness of the thriving Chinese cultural heritage and innovation by fostering better cultural connection, interaction, and exchange with students from other countries.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association in their club constitution.

Egyptian Students Association

12768210_575229835971549_6132061344492514644_oThe Egyptian Students’ Association at McGill is a student run organization that aims to represent the rich Egyptian culture and heritage on various levels and to motivate the student body to be actively engaged within their community. We also hope to be a bridge allowing non-Egyptians in our community to learn more about our history and culture. We host a range of events each semester that target different aspects of Egypt’s history, modern day issues and future prospects.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of the Egyptian Students Association in their club constitution.

Hong Kong Student Network (HKSN)


The Hong Kong Student Network is a student-run organization founded in 2006. The vision of the network is to connect students within the McGill student body to Hong Kong by building bridges that facilitate the integration of our members within the Hong Kong community for all purposes including travel and work.The executive committee currently consists of 20 passionate and dedicated members who hope to coordinate events that are in line with our mission and to share Hong Kong culture.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of the Hong Kong Student Network in their club constitution.

Indian Students Association (ISA)


The Indian Students Association (ISA) is a student run organization that upholds Indian culture by celebrating various festivals during the year. These events are often explosive, unique and energetic and will always leave you with a plethora of good memories.
The ISA aims to provide the Indian community at McGill University a microcosm of rich Indian traditions. With an emphasis on cultural diversity, we ensure the events allow anyone to learn more about the tapestry of the Indian tradition that has evolved in one of the most mystical countries.
We are the bridge for anyone who wishes to get more involved with Indian culture. Be it Indian food, music, dance, Bollywood or volunteer projects. We’d love to have you at our events!

Learn more about the mandate and structure of the Indian Students Association in their club constitution.