Mental Illness Speaker Series: Healthy Support

Mental Illness Speaker Series: Healthy Support

About the event

As students, many of us are proud to be able to support our friends, family, or partners when they need us. Acting as a source of support for others can help bridge feelings of loneliness and isolation, and help you feel more connected to those around you. However, being a supporter is not without its difficulties and it can be mentally and physically draining to take on the emotional load of another person. It’s common to sacrifice personal well-being in order to help others, and experience feelings of guilt when we take a step back. Therefore, is important to understand and explore what healthy supporting feels like, in order to support both yourself and others. After all, you can’t draw water from an empty well!

In this informal, discussion-based workshop, come share your experiences as a supporter and a supportee, gain concrete skills to create healthy boundaries, and breakdown the guilt that can be associated with recognizing your own needs in a supporter-supportee relationship. This discussion group will be facilitated by a member of the Rossy Wellness Hub and experienced supporters from the Peer Support Center who will share the tips and tricks they have accumulated that help them maintain healthy boundaries in their roles.

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Mental Illness Speaker Series: Healthy Support

Date and time

October 17th, 2019


3600 McTavish
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