SSMUigi’s Mansion Halloween Party ?

SSMUigi’s Mansion Halloween Party ?

About the event

On the heels of SSPN’s sold-out Barbie party comes their Halloween bash! Capture the ghosts of midterms at SSMUigi’s Mansion this Halloweek! Bring the Mario to your Luigi for a night of spooky fun and special drink deals!

?️ Entry (includes coat check): $5

? Bring ID (18+)

? McGill and non-McGill community all welcome

? Take a picture of your coat check ticket

Disclaimer: You may be photographed or filmed as you stroll around this event. These images may be used for promotional purposes by the SSMU. If you see a photo of yourself that you would like to have removed, please contact us via the Instagram page at @ssmuaeum or email

This event is organized and hosted by the Students’ Society of McGill University, we are following SSMU’s guidelines for anti-oppression and safety. If your costume is offensive or disrespectful in any way or if you behave in an offensive or disrespectful manner during the event, we will have to ask you to leave and you will not be refunded.


SSMUigi’s Mansion Halloween Party ?

Date and time

October 24th, 2023 until October 25th, 2023


3480 McTavish Street, Room 301, S1 Basement