How the SSMU Works

How the SSMU Works

How the SSMU Works

Elected officials at the SSMU generally serve one-year terms, and elections are held around March of every year. How much the SSMU will accomplish depends on YOU. You must vote and elect your representatives. You can take the responsibility of holding them accountable.
List of Stakeholders 

General assembly and referenda

Students can submit motions to the GA & also submit referenda to be voted on to make change.

Board of Directors

SSMU’s highest governing body

9 Appointed Students (+1 non-voting international student)

4 Elected Student Executives

Legislative Council

Political decision making body

30 Elected Students (includes 2 Student Senators)

6 Elected Student Executives

Executive Council

Elected governing body of the SSMU

6 Elected Student Executives

SSMU Senate Caucus

Elected student senators reporting to the McGill Senate

11 Elected Student Senators

2 Elected Student Executives

McGill Senate

McGill Board of Governors