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Submit to Listserv

What is the SSMU Listserv?

The SSMU listserv is a weekly newsletter from the Vice-President (Internal) highlighting what’s new and happening on campus – including what governance meetings are coming up, what the SSMU executives are up to, and what events SSMU Clubs, Services, and other student groups around campus are planning!

Submit to the Listserv

The listserv has eight spots designated for external events organized by student groups on campus.
In order for your submission to have a greater chance of being included in the SSMU listserv, the following is a list of priorities we consider when choosing to include a submission in the listserv:

Priority is given to groups in the following order:

  1. SSMU Clubs and Services
  2. Non-SSMU affiliated student groups on campus
  3. Announcements to the wider McGill Community

Submissions are due Wednesday at 12:00 p.m.* in order to get everything translated by Monday evening’s email.

*All entries submitted AFTER the 12:00 p.m. deadline on Wednesday will not appear on the listserv. No exception.

SSMU Campus Calendar

If your submission is not chosen for a given week, we encourage you to submit your event to the SSMU Campus Calendar!

Share your student group or McGill community event on the Campus Calendar on the SSMU website to get the word out about your event/announcement!

Sustainability Corner

If you are a student group that specializes in sustainability/environment-friendly initiatives, the listserv has a special place designated for you in the listserv each week – the “Sustainability Corner”!

Submit to Listserv