Executives & Staff

Executives & Staff

Mission: “To represent and advance the diverse needs of McGill Undergraduate Students by improving the quality and accessibility of education, providing outstanding services, and promoting social, cultural, and personal opportunities”


The President is the chief officer of SSMU, responsible for determining the vision of the Society, coordinating and supporting the activities of the other Executive Officers, and representing student interests on various university governance bodies.

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Darshan Daryanani (he/him)



  • Enforce the Constitution and Internal Regulations of the Society
  • Governance document support & standardization
  • Councillor orientation & training
  • SSMU-level policy development
  • Chair of the Executive Committee of the SSMU
  • Coordinate and Set the agenda for Legislative Council

Relevant Staff

  • Sustainability Commissioner(s)
  • General Researcher(s)


  • Building and Operations Management Committee (BOMCOM)
  • Comprehensive Governance Review
  • Environment
  • Health and Dental Review Committee
  • Human Resources Committee
  • Presidents’ Roundtable
  • Steering Committee
Leadership & Support


  • Chief officer and chief spokesperson of the Society
  • Manage the Society’s human resources
  • Institutional knowledge
  • Faculty relations
  • Maintain relations between the Society and the McGill administration
Advocacy & Representation


  • Senate & committee representation
  • Board of Governors & committee representation


  • Senate Caucus
  • Health and Wellness Strategy Advisory Committee
  • McGill Advisory Council on Sustainability

VP Student Life

The VP Student Life is the point person for internal relations between SSMU and its clubs, services, and independent student groups. They are also responsible for mental health promotion, collaborating with Student Services, and addressing issues of student life on campus.


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Karla Heisele Cubilla (she/her)

Student Groups


  • Student group executives support
  • McGill/SSMU Student Service relations

Relevant Staff

  • Club Administrative Assistant
  • Services Administrative Assistant
  • Student Life Administrative Assistant


  • Accessibility Committee
  • Club Committee
  • Funding Committee
  • Mental Health Committee
  • Services Review Committee
  • Services Committee
Family Care


  • Family care resource provision
  • Cross-campus family resource coordination
Mental Health


  • Mental health initiative planning
  • Facilitate destigmatization of mental health on campus

Relevant Staff

  • Mental Health Commissioner
  • Mental Health Outreach Coordinator
  • Mental Health Advocacy Coordinator


  • Mental Health Committees (Outreach & Advocacy)
  • Mental Health Round Table Caucus

VP Finance

As the Chief Financial Officer of the Society, the VP Finance is charged with ensuring the long-term and administrative stability of SSMU. In cooperation with the General Manager, they prepare the annual budget, manage human resources, and oversee the insurance plan.

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Eric Sader (he/him)

Human Resources

Relevant Staff

  • HR Director
  • HR Manager
  • HR Coordinator(s)


  • HR Committee


  • Budget maintenance & revision
  • Financial procedures oversight & risk management
  • Financial communications & accessibility
  • Funding review & allocations
  • Health and dental insurance administration

Relevant Staff

  • Funding Commissioner
  • Club Auditor
  • Financial Ethics Research Commissioner
  • Funding Administrative Assistant
  • Comptroller
  • Accounting Technicians


  • Funding Committee
  • Financial Ethics Research Committee (FERC)
  • Fee Advisory Committee
  • Scholarships and Student Aid Office (SSAO) Advisory Board
  • Health and Wellness Working Group
  • Health Insurance Working Group

VP External

The VP External is in charge of coordinating SSMU’s relations with various levels of government, student associations, community groups, and campus labour unions; as well as managing political campaigns and mobilization efforts.

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Sacha Delouvrier (he/him)

External Affairs


  • Municipal, provincial, and federal relations
  • Inter-university relations
  • Government policy feedback
  • Union relations

Relevant Staff

  • Campaigns Coordinator (2)
Political Affairs


  • Political campaign organization
  • Support work for local initiatives
  • Mobilization

Relevant Staff

  • Campaigns Coordinator (2)


  • McGill Solidarity Network
Community Affairs


  • Campaign & event organization
  • Milton-Parc community relations
  • Promote off-campus involvement

Relevant Staff

  • Community Affairs Commissioner
  • Popular Education Events Coordinator


  • Community Engagement Committee
Francophone Affairs


  • Bilingual accessibility
  • Francophone advocacy initiatives


  • Francophone Affairs Committee
Indigenous Affairs


  • Coordinate programming and advocacy
  • Work with the McGill administration, student groups, and Student Services to advocate for Indigenous students

Relevant Staff

  • Indigenous Affairs Coordinator


  • Indigenous Affairs Committee

VP University Affairs

The VP University Affairs advocates for student interests at almost all levels of university governance. They do this through coordinating student representation to the university Senate and its committees, researching and consulting on policy solutions, and overseeing academic affairs. They also oversee equity initiatives and complaints, as well as advocacy regarding libraries.
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Claire Downie (she/her)

UA and Research


  • Undergraduate Senate and Committee representation
  • Support and training for Student Senators
  • Student Rights and the Know Your Rights campaign
  • University relations and student representation
  • University-level accountability
  • University-level policy review and development
  • Research and advocacy projects
  • Chair and oversee Senate Caucus

Relevant Staff

  • University Affairs Secretary-General
  • Student Rights Researcher and Advocacy Commissioner
  • Students from Care Project Assistant
  • Special Researchers


  • SSMU-MCSS Senate Caucus
  • Senate Steering Committee (McGill)
  • Senate Nominating Committee (McGill)
  • Scholarship Review Subcommittee (McGill)
  • Committee on Student Services (McGill)
Equity and Advocacy


  • Supporting the Black Affairs, Francophone Affairs, and Indigenous Affairs portfolios
  • Anti-Sexual Violence mobilization, advocacy, and educational programming
  • Equity complaints and accountability
  • Institutional advocacy, mobilization, and policy development
  • Equity education and programming on campus
  • Advocacy projects and policy review
  • Menstrual Hygiene Product project

Relevant Staff

  • Anti-Sexual Violence Mobilization and Advocacy Commissioner
  • Black Affairs Commissioner
  • Equity Commissioners (2)
  • Francophone Affairs Commissioner
  • Indigenous Affairs Commissioner
  • Menstrual Hygiene Product Coordinators (1-3)


  • Black Affairs Committee
  • Board Ad-hoc Committee on Naming
  • Equity Committee
  • Francophone Affairs Committee
  • Indigenous Affairs Committee
Academic Resources


  • Library development and the Library Improvement Fund
  • Study spaces and physical development
  • Academic accessibility
  • Open Educational Resources (OER) project
  • Library relations

Relevant Staff

  • Library Improvement Fund Commissioner
  • Open Educational Resource Commissioner
  • Open Educational Resource Assistants (1-2)


  • Library Improvement Fund Committee

VP Internal

The VP Internal is chiefly in charge of communication and creating a sense of community with the student body through event planning (such as the Halloween Party and Grad Frosh) and communications (such as the listserv).

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Sarah Paulin (she/her)



  • Inclusive event planning
  • Orientation Week facilitation and implementation

Relevant Staff

  • Internal Logistics Coordinator
  • Frosh Administrative Coordinator


  • Internal Organizational Committee (IOC)
  • Interfaculty Committee (IFC)
  • Students’ Society Programming Network (SSPN)


  • Communication campaigns & the SSMU Listserv
  • Engagement input gathering
  • Faculty relations
  • Website and social media
First Year Involvement


  • Committee coordination
  • Outreach

Relevant Staff

  • First Year Affairs Coordinator


  • First-Year Council
Francophone Affairs


  • Bilingual accessibility
  • Francophone advocacy initiatives

Relevant Staff

  • Francophone Affairs Commissioner


  • Francophone Affairs Committee
Alumni Affairs


  • Provide student input
  • Encouraging engagement between alumni and current students


  • McGill Alumni Student Engagement Council (MASEC)
  • Life After Your Degree (LifeAYD)

Full-Time Staff

The Students’ Society of McGill University employs full-time and part-time staff to run the SSMU’s day-to-day activities. All of the staff report to the General Manager, who in turn reports to the SSMU Executives.

General Manager

The General Manager is responsible for the SSMU’s administration, governance, corporate obligations, accounting, human resources, business operations, and legal affairs.

Clubs and Services Coordinator

The Clubs and Services Coordinator is responsible for auditing club financial activity and reports to ensure accounting procedures are followed. They coordinate with the SSMU’s Clubs and Services regarding activities to ensure compliance with internal regulations and internal policies.

Governance Manager

The Governance Manager is responsible for updating and archiving the SSMU’s governance documents and ensuring that the completion process of minutes and other related documents are accurately respected. They are primarily involved as a liaison between governing bodies within the SSMU, as well as working with the SSMU staff and executives on various governance projects.

Front Desk Receptionist

The Front Desk Receptionist welcomes visitors into the office and is the first point of contact between students, the public, and the SSMU. They handle incoming and outgoing mail and calls, are responsible for office maintenance, and are also in charge of distributing cash and cheque reimbursements for students and staff.

Communications Manager

The Communications Manager is responsible for managing the strategic and visual aspects of SSMU’s branding and provides oversight of the SSMU’s web and print publications.

Communications Coordinator

The Communications Coordinator is responsible for assisting the Communications Manager with updating and implementing on-line and off-line communication channels. They are primarily involved in overseeing and growing the SSMU’s social media strategy across multiple platforms and expanding the reach of the SSMU to the student community.

Systems Administrator

The Systems Administrator is responsible for the society’s IT needs, including the backend of SSMU’s websites, servers, technical support, and managing the phone network.


The Comptroller oversees the SSMU accounting department, manages the budget, works closely with the auditors, and helps oversee operations.

Assistant Comptroller

The Assistant Comptroller is responsible for accounting tasks such as budget variance analysis, financial statement preparation, and bank reconciliation.

Accounting Analyst

The Accounting Analyst controls, tracks, and processes deposits. They also record A/R accounting information and are the lead auditor and custodian for SSMU Club bank accounts.

Accounting Analyst

The Accounting Analyst is the accountant for the SSMU Daycare and Nursery, performing all needed accounting functions and interfacing with the Ministère de la Famille, auditors, and the Daycare Director.

Payroll Specialist

The Payroll Specialist manages payroll and answers related employee questions and concerns. They are responsible for access to Ceridian, the SSMU’s payroll system.

Accounting Technician

The Accounting Technician controls, tracks, and processes payments. They also record A/P accounting information and are responsible for cheque issuance.

Human Resources Director

The Human Resources Director provides human resources advice and expertise, develops and implements procedures and processes, and applies programs and policies for all SSMU staff members.

Human Resources Manager

The Human Resources Manager provides support in all HR aspects for all SSMU casual staff members and supports the Human Resources Department.

Ancillary Services Manager

The Ancillary Services Manager is responsible for assisting with the overall operation of various departments, with a focus in events management. They are responsible for: consultation, strategic planning/marketing, execution of events and campus life activities, inventory, purchasing, sales, client relations, human resources, budgets, and equipment maintenance. 

Events Coordinator

The Events Coordinator is responsible for coordinating internal events organized in the SSMU building by groups including but not limited to SSMU Clubs, Services, Independent Student Groups and Faculty Associations. They are responsible for coordinating tasks related to the student bar, promotions and event planning.

Building Director

The Building Director is responsible for all of the activities related to the University Centre and handles day-to-day building operations. They oversee office facilities, security, and health and safety at the SSMU.


The Porter is in charge of the University Centre’s maintenance, which includes, but isn’t limited to, preparing rooms for events, painting, and general upkeep. They also manage access to stored supplies and archives.

Building Coordinator

The Building Coordinator works alongside the Porters and is responsible for the maintenance of the University Centre, which includes, but isn’t limited to, repairs, access to the building and rooms, and assistance with deliveries.

Policy and Advocacy Coordinator

The Policy and Advocacy Coordinator is responsible for analyzing policies and providing support to the Executives, Councillors and staff on policy development, advocacy projects and research, as well as assisting the Governance Manager with various projects.

Casual Staff

The Students’ Society of McGill University employs part-time staff to assist with the SSMU’s day-to-day activities.

Front Desk Casual Staff

The Front Desk Casual Staff welcomes the public and guests to the SSMU, responds to general inquiries, and carries out administrative tasks for the Society.

Sustainability Commissioner

The Sustainability Commissioner works with the President to coordinate the SSMU’s activities for environmental issues and acts as the chair of the SSMU Environment Committee.

Nutritower Coordinator

The Nutritower Coordinator maintains the three Nutritowers that are under the SSMU Environment Committee’s jurisdiction.

Divest McGill Researcher and Archivist

The Divest Researcher and Archivists work with Divest McGill and the Campaigns Coordinators to restructure Divest’s archives, update its website, and compile information supporting the case for the University’s divestment from fossil fuels.

Funding Commissioners

The Funding Commissioners assist the VP (Finance) with the management of the Funding Committee.

Finance Commissioners

The Finance Commissioners are responsible for assisting in the financial management of the Society’s services and departments.

Executive Finance Assistant

Reporting to the VP (Finance), the Executive Finance Assistant is responsible for assisting in the management of the Society’s finance portfolio.

Club Finance Coordinator

The Club Finance Coordinator assists in managing the Society’s Club accounts and financial matters.

Service Finance Coordinator

The Service Finance Coordinator assists in managing the Society’s Service accounts and financial matters.

Community Affairs Commissioner

The Community Affairs Commissioner assists in fostering and maintaining relations with the Milton-Parc community and mobilizing municipal advocacy to better the conditions of off-campus students.

Campaigns Coordinator

The Campaigns Coordinator is in charge of providing resources to support political campaigns on-campus and in Quebec.

Political Researcher

The Political Researcher works in the External Affairs portfolio, conducting research and providing recommendations regarding SSMU’s political goals and strategies.

Popular Education Events Coordinator

The Popular Education Events Coordinator helps plan and run the Culture Shock and Social Justice Days campaigns while working closely with QPIRG and the VP (External). They also ensure that both popular education events reflect their anti-racist and anti-oppressive mandates.

Mobilization Coordinator

The Mobilization Coordinator will support SSMU-affiliated campaigns’ growth and mobilization efforts by acting as a liaison between these campus groups and the rest of the student body. They engage individual students through information discussions and popular education, and may operate through pre-existing channels which reach large numbers of students, notably faculty associations and clubs, for increased efficacy.

Black Affairs Commissioner

The Black Affairs Commissioner represents the interest of Black students at the SSMU. They serve as chair of the Black Affairs Committee, and their mandate includes promoting equity and inclusion of Black students on campus, including via facilitating events, workshops, campaigns, and other advocacy.

First-Year Affairs Commissioner

The primary responsibility of the First-Year Affairs Commissioner is to assist the VP (Internal) in running the First-Year Council and help the councilors carry out their mandate.

Internal Logistics Coordinator

The primary responsibility of the Internal Logistics Coordinator is to assist the VP (Internal) in event-planning duties.

Indigenous Affairs Commissioner

The Indigenous Affairs Commissioner is responsible for representing Indigenous students at the SSMU through the work of the Indigenous Affairs Committee. The Commissioner is mandated to support Indigenous equity by organizing and facilitating events, campaigns, workshops, and conferences aimed at uplifting and meeting the needs of Indigenous students on campus.

Francophone Affairs Commissioner

The Francophone Affairs Commissioner serves as the chair of the Francophone Affairs Committee as well as acts as a representative of the Francophone student body to the McGill administration and the SSMU Legislative Council.

Menstrual Hygiene Products Coordinator

The Menstrual Hygiene Products Coordinator is responsible for replenishing, and collecting data on, menstrual hygiene products in various buildings located on McGill’s downtown campus.

University Affairs Secretary General

The University Affairs Secretary General works with the VP (University Affairs) to support student representation, advocacy, and communications in the portfolio.

Equity Commissioners

The Equity Commissioners are responsible for supporting the operationalization of the SSMU’s mandates surrounding social justice, anti-oppression, and accessibility, including the equity complaints process and the Equity Committee.

Library Improvement Fund Commissioner

The Library Improvement Fund Commissioner coordinates the yearly allocation of the Library Improvement Fund and the SSMU’s relations with the McGill libraries.

Indigenous Affairs Equity Researcher

The Indigenous Affairs Equity Researcher consults and works with the Indigenous student community in identifying the objectives, challenges, and barriers to Indigenous equity at McGill.

Open Educational Resources Coordinator

The Open Educational Resources Coordinator builds and maintains SSMU’s library of OERs, engages in University-level advocacy towards free and affordable educational resources in classes, and collaborates with the McGill library to help make as many class resources available as possible.

Sexual Violence Mobilization and Advocacy Coordinators

The Coordinators are responsible for researching and drafting reports regarding anti-sexual violence mobilization at McGill, carry out mobilization work at the SSMU, and develop projects improving complaints processes.

Student Rights Research and Advocacy Commissioner

The Student Rights Researcher and Advocacy Commissioner (SRRAC) supports student advocacy initiatives by coordinating research and campaign development in the University Affairs portfolio, specifically around assessment, accommodation, and academic rights. They also coordinate the bi-annual SSMU Know Your Rights campaign.

Special Researcher (Academic Accessibility and Accommodations)

The Special Researcher will support student advocacy initiatives by conducting research into the efficacy and accessibility of the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD).

Special Researcher (Student Health and Wellness)

The Special Researcher supports student advocacy and mental health initiatives by conducting research into the efficacy and accessibility of the McGill Student Wellness Hub.

Mental Health Commissioner

The Mental Health Commissioner is responsible for overseeing the Mental Health Coordinators and Committee as well as organizing various mental health initiatives. They also act as the main student advocate between the SSMU and McGill’s Student Wellness Hub and other university mental health initiatives.

Club Administrative Assistant

The primary responsibility of the Club Administrative Assistant is to assist the VP (Student Life) with the management of the Club Committee.

Services Administrative Assistant

The primary responsibility of the Services Administrative Assistant is to assist the VP (Student Life) with the management of administrative tasks and projects for the SSMU Services.

Mental Health Outreach Coordinator

The Mental Health Outreach Coordinator chairs the SSMU Legislative Council’s Mental Health Outreach Committee. They facilitate the implementation of mental health initiatives that the VP (Student Life) sees appropriate. They are also involved in the planning and implementation of Mental Illness and Health Awareness weeks, which occurs in the fall and winter semester, respectively.

SSMU Administrative Coordinator

Reporting to the Vice President (Student Life), the SSMU Administrative Coordinator is responsible for assisting in the management of the Vice President (Student Life) portfolio for the society and assisting with administrative tasks.

Activities Night Coordinator

The primary responsibility of the Activities Night Coordinator is to help organize events within the Clubs and Services portfolio, including Fall Activities Night, Winter Activities Night, and smaller events throughout the year as determined by the VP (Student Life).

Mental Health Advocacy Coordinator

The Mental Health Advocacy Coordinator chairs the Mental Health Advocacy Committee, a committee of the SSMU Legislative Council. They facilitate the implementation of mental health initiatives that the VP (Student Life) sees appropriate. They are also involved in the planning and implementation of the SSMU Mental Health Policy.

HR Coordinators

Reporting to the Human Resources Manager and working with relevant executives, the Human Resources Coordinators help manage human resources processes pertaining to the student staff members such recruitment, employee on-boarding, and communicating SSMU policies to student staff.

Anti-Violence Coordinator

The Anti-Violence Coordinator (AVC) reviews and updates the SSMU Gendered and Sexual Violence Policy (GSVP) and organizes GSVP training for all SSMU staff and members.

Graphic Designer

Reporting to the Communications Manager, the responsibility of the Graphic Designer is to create digital and print artwork for the SSMU and its student groups.

Club Website Designer

The primary responsibility of the Club Website Designer is to design and update websites for SSMU Clubs and Services.

Social Media Coordinator
The Social Media Coordinator assists the Communications department with monitoring social media traffic, moderating SSMU’s online spaces, and livestreaming governance events.

Handbook Content Editor

The Handbook Content Editor is responsible for creating and editing the text content for the SSMU Student Handbook.

Handbook Layout Editor

The Handbook Layout Editor is responsible for designing the graphics and layout of the SSMU Student Handbook.


The Translators review and translate text for the Society’s documents, website, and online channels from English to French.


The Photographers provide coverage of SSMU events, campaigns, and initiatives.

Recording Secretary

The Recording Secretary is responsible for taking detailed minutes during, and keeping detailed records of, the meetings of Legislative Council, the Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and General Assemblies.

Speaker of Council (On-Call)

The Speaker of Council (On-Call) presides over meetings of the Legislative Council and the General Assembly in the absence of the Speaker of Council.

Speaker of Council and Board of Directors

The Speaker opens and presides over meetings of the Legislative Council and Board of Directors.


The Parliamentarian assists the Speaker of Council in the preparation of documents and fulfills the duties of the Speaker of Council if required.

Chief Electoral Officer (CEO)

The Chief Electoral Officer is responsible for the general conduct and execution of elections and referenda.

Deputy Electoral Officer (DEO)

The Deputy Electoral Officer supervises all electoral officers of the SSMU, oversees the operations of Elections SSMU, and is responsible for administering the SSMU’s elections and referenda, under the direction of the CEO.

Governing Documents Researcher
The Governing Documents Researcher is charged with reviewing SSMU’s governing documents, researching possible improvements, and chairing the Comprehensive Governance Review Committee.

Events and Sponsorship Coordinator

The Events and Sponsorship Coordinator is responsible for seeking out sponsorship opportunities for the SSMU and for its events and activities.