Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day

November 11th marks Remembrance Day in Canada – a day which stands as a memorial to the individuals who have served, and continue to serve, this country in times of war, conflict, and peace. I’d like to apologize and take full accountability for the oversight in not mentioning this day in the listserv sent out the morning of November 11th. I wrote the intro for the listserv last week and when I saw 11/11 as the date it would be released, my first thought was a childhood rhyme and so the email reflected that. In all honesty, growing up in Mumbai, I was unaware of Remembrance Day and the importance it holds. As an executive who is meant to represent and support students at a Canadian university, I realize the need to educate myself on the significance and history of this tradition. I do appreciate the feedback and constructive criticism being sent my way. I honour those who fought for this country during wartime, affording me the privilege to live here peacefully now.

Whether it’s by taking a moment of silence or by proudly wearing the poppy, it’s important for everyone, including myself, to remember how the sacrifices of others have allowed us to lead the life we live today.

Sanchi Bhalla / Vice-President (Internal Affairs) |

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